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Top 10 Best Football Clubs in Morrocco

The most popular sport in Morocco is football.  After the honor and representation of the deserving Moroccan team Raja in the 2013 FIFA Club World Cup, football in Morocco underwent significant development and gained international fame. 

Since then, numerous football clubs have been created to enhance the growth of football within Morrocco. Here are the top football clubs in the country.

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1. Raja Club Athletic


Raja Club Athletic, also known as Raja CA, Raja Casablanca, RCA, or simply RAJA, is a Moroccan professional football team that competes in Botola, the top division of Moroccan football. It is based in Casablanca.

The club, established on March 20, 1949, in the Derb Sultan neighborhood, has consistently sported a green home uniform since its inception. For the success of its football division, Raja CA is a well-known club both inside and outside of the nation. 

Since 1955, Raja has held its practices at the Raja-Oasis Sports Complex and its home matches at the 67,000-seat Stade Mohammed V in the heart of Casablanca. In contrast to most African sporting organizations, Raja has always been owned and run by its members.

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2. Kenitra Athletic Club


Kenitra Athletic Club (KAC) is a football and basketball club based in Kenitra, Morocco. The club, which was established in 1938, is one of Morocco's most well-known and well-liked football teams. 

The club, founded by only Moroccans, is the second-oldest in the country. It has won the Moroccan Football League four times (1960, 1973, 1981, and 1982), trailing only Wydad Athletic Club, FAR de Rabat, Raja Club Athletic, and Maghreb de Fès. 

Without forgetting, Mohamed Bousati, who led all goal scorers in the Moroccan football league with 25 goals during the 1981–1982 season, currently holds the scoring record.

They were never able to duplicate their 1980s success, though. Instead, they have alternated between Botola and Botola 2 in recent years. Still, they have never found consistency in the top division.

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3. Association sportive des Forces armées royales


The top division of Moroccan football, Botola, is where the Association Sportive des Forces armées royales competes. The club is based in Rabat, the capital of Morocco.

One of Morocco's most well-known football clubs was founded in 1958, three years after Morocco gained independence. Since its inception, the team has worn a black home uniform. Due to the success of its football division, ASFAR is a well-known club both inside and outside of the nation.

Since 1983, the team has held its home games at the 53,000-seat Prince Moulay Abdellah Stadium in the heart of Rabat.

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4. Wydad Athletic Club


Wydad Athletic Club, also known as Wydad AC, Wydad, Wydad Casablanca, or just WAC, is a Moroccan professional sports team headquartered in Casablanca. Wydad AC is known for its professional football team, which competes in Botola, Morocco's top division of the league system.

Wydad AC is one of only three clubs that have never been dropped from the top flight. Seven Moroccans who were a part of the Mohamed Benjelloun Touimi-led national movement for independence established it on May 8, 1937. 

They initially concentrated on water polo to grant native Moroccans access to swimming pools before Mohamed Ben Lahcen Affani, also known as "Père Jégo" ("Father Jégo"), who was the first manager of the team, established the football section in 1939. Since its inception, the team has worn a red home uniform.

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5. Moghreb Atlético Tetuán


The Moroccan football club Moghreb Atlético Tetuán is based in Tétouan. The club MA Tétouan was established in 1922 and participated in local competitions in Tétouan until 1956 when Morocco gained independence from Spain. After that, the club moved to the Moroccan league.

Based on currently available records, the club was founded in 1926, especially in several books by Ahmed Mghara. However, several city elders claimed the club replaced Club Atlético Tetuán, founded in 1922.

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6. Hassania Union Sport d'Agadir


 The Moroccan football team Hassania Union Sport d'Agadir, also called Hassania Agadir, l'Hassania, or simply HUSA is based in Agadir. Founded on December 22, 1946, the club. Adrar Stadium is where they hold their home games.

 In particular, the team's founding fathers, Ahmed Kabbage, Abbas Kabbage, Hassan Oulhaj Akhannouch, and Lahoucine Bijaouane, who is regarded as its founding members, formed Hassania Union Sport d'Agadir on December 22, 1946, as a group of patriots opposed to French colonialism.

The team's name, El Hassania, expresses the founders' adherence to their Moroccan heritage by using red and white to represent the team.

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7. Fath Union Sport de Rabat


 Fath Union Sport, also known as FUS or FUS Rabat, is a Moroccan professional football team based in Rabat and competes in the top division. The club was established on April 10, 1946. The sports organization known as "Fath Union Sport" includes everything from basketball to chess.

In 1946, when France was still the protectorate over Morocco, the Fath Union Sport de Rabat was established.  The organization is regarded as the successor to Union Sportive de Rabat-Salé, established in 1932.

In the words of the late Père Jégo, a legendary figure in Moroccan football was the country's first nationalist club. However, the French government disbanded this club in 1944.

After Fath Union Sport de Rabat was established, the French government rejected its application to join the French National Football League because it was a nationalist organization.

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8. Maghreb Association Sportive de Fès


Maghreb Association Sportive de Fès is a professional football team from Morocco that is based in Fez and plays in Botola, the top division of Moroccan football.

The club was established in 1946. Since its inception, the team has worn a yellow home jersey. This is because of the success of its football division, Maghreb de Fès is a well-known club that enjoys great popularity both inside and outside the nation.

Since 2007, the team has held its home games in the 45,000-seat Fez Stadium in the heart of Fez. Throughout the 20th century, Maghreb de Fès became a significant force in Moroccan and African football. 

The club has won 10 trophies in domestic football, including four Botola titles, four Moroccan Throne Cups, and two Botola 2 (second tier) championships. In addition, Maghreb Fez has won two medals in continental and international competitions: one CAF Confederation Cup and one CAF Super Cup.


One of the original Moroccan football teams is known as Maghreb Fez. Since its founding in 1946, it has played a pioneering role as the first non-French team to compete for the French Cup prize money, though it at the time faced off against the influential and well-known Red Star team.


9. Olympique Club de Khouribga


The Moroccan football team Olympique Club de Khouribga, or OCK, is based in Khouribga. One of the oldest clubs in Morocco, the club was established in 1923. In the 1982–1983 season, the club debuted in the Moroccan league's top division. 

Two Moroccan championships, in 1989 and 2007, as well as two Moroccan cups, or what is known as the Throne cup, are held by Olympique Club Khouribga. Lassaad Dridi was fired by Khouribga on November 17, 2022, due to the team's subpar performance. OCK hired Portuguese manager Ricardo Formosinho in December 2022.

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10. Chabab Rif Al-Hoceima


The Moroccan football team Chabab Rif Al-Hoceima, also known as CRA, is based in the Riffian city of Al Hoceima in northern Morocco. The club was established in 1953, but its most notable achievement is its 2010 promotion to the top division of Moroccan football's league system, the Botola Pro.

For the third time in its history, Chabab Rif Al Hoceima was promoted to the GNF 2 in 2007. For the first time, the team was promoted to the Botola Pro, the top division of Moroccan professional football, three years later, in 2010. (previously known as GNF 1). The club played in this division until 2019, when it was demoted to the Amateur League.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the most popular football club in Morocco?

The most popular football club in Morocco is Raja Club Athletic (RCA), which is also known as Raja Casablanca. Following closely behind is Wydad Atletic Club (WAC).

Does Morocco have a good football team?

The Moroccan national football team is a very good football team in Morocco. They won the 1976 African Cup of Nations, two African Nations Championships, and a FIFA Arab Cup, and also participated in the FIFA World Cup six times.

Why is Morocco famous in football?

Morocco is famous because they have a good football team which has won many international football competitions.

Who is Morocco's best football player?

Achraf Hakimi is the best-rated football player in Morocco. He is followed closely by Nayef Aguerd.

What is Morocco's number one sport?

Morocco's number one sport is football.

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