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Top 10 Football Clubs in Cameroon

Football teams from Cameroon receive little to no attention. However, their best players have made a significant impact on the game. With about 36 clubs, the country in West Africa has consistently produced top performers.

These footballers have flocked abroad to join more reputable European youth setups to pursue successful careers. Cameroonian football is still competitive, despite this.

You may, however, be wondering, which Cameroonian football teams have had the most success. This article has compiled these successful Cameroon football clubs/teams to satisfy your curiosity. 


1. USM Loum

UMS Loum has quickly risen to success and is one of Cameroon's modern success stories. Since their establishment in 2011, Ums, a band from the tiny city of Loum, has caused shockwaves throughout the nation. When they won the 2015 Cameroon Cup, they made headlines for their quick ascent through the ranks.

After that, Loum defeated numerous other well-established teams twice to win the national league. As a result, UMS won the Elite One championship for the first time in 2016 and again in 2019. Loum is now just one of two teams in the 21st century to win multiple Elite One championship, thanks to these quick victories.

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2. Union Douala

Union Douala, one of Cameroon's two professional football teams, has consistently been a title contender no matter what era they have played in. following their first championship in 1969. In the 1970s, Union Douala was at its best.

They were particularly successful in continental competition, winning the African Cup of Champions in 1979 and the domestic league in 1976 and 1978. Before winning their final title in 2012—their only triumph this century—more success would come in the form of a league victory in 1990. They have been there or close by ever since, looking for their next trophy.


3. TKC Yaoundé

TKC Yaoundé, based in the capital of Cameroon, has a reputation for being proud of. In the 1980s, the club dominated its domestic league, winning five championships. In addition, they won back-to-back Elite One championships in 1983 and 1984 after winning their first title in 1981.


They would perform even better in 1987, taking home a prized double by winning both the league and the Cameroon Cup. Their final championship would come in 1988, further demonstrating their hegemony.

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This happened at a time when the club was full of talented players, including future stars like Rigobert Song and Liberian superstar George Weah, who was leading the line. 


4. Canon Yaounde

No football team from Cameroon has had more success in continental competition than Canon Yaoundé, despite not quite being the most successful side domestically. Most of this fame stems from Canon's four domestic championships in the 1970s. 

This qualified them for the African Cup of Champions, where they won the premier African club competition three times—in 1971, 1978, and 1980.


As part of a legendary rivalry with Union Douala, they won four more championships in the 1980s, extending their fame. Unfortunately, Canon has not succeeded since winning its last league championship in 2002. Still, thanks to their ten league victories, they continue to be one of the most well-liked teams in the country.


5. Coton Sport

Coton Sport has dominated Cameroon football more than any other team over the past few decades. Since winning its first Elite One championship in 1997, Coton, based in the northern city of Garoua, has dominated its competitors. 

In the 2000s, they were virtually unbeatable, winning eight straight championships from 2003 to 2011 before Union Douala broke the run in 2012. After that, they would return with a vengeance, winning five more championships, including three from 2013 to 2015.

As a result, Coton, who won their most recent championship in 2021, holds the undisputed home record with 16 Elite One championship and six domestic cup victories. This is why Coton is regarded as one of the greatest teams in Cameroonian history.

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6. AS Lausanne de Yaoundé

Yaoundé is home to the Cameroonian football team AS Lausanne de Yaoundé. They currently share the Stade Ahmadou Ahidjo with fellow Elite One club Canon Yaoundé, where they play their home matches. 

They compete in the MTN Elite One as of the 2010–11 season after being crowned league champions in 2009–10. They were previously in the MTN Elite Two.


7. Caïman de Douala

Football (soccer) club Caman de Douala, also known as Bana Ba Ngando, was established in Douala, Cameroon, in 1927. In 2007, the team made its long-awaited return to the Cameroon Premier Division. 

They were demoted from the Elite One in the 2008–09 season but were promoted back after winning the Elite Two league in the 2009–10 campaign—the club practices in the Stade de la Réunification, which seats 30,000 people. The club, however, won the Cameroon Premiere Division in 1962, 1968, and 1975.


8. Fédéral Sporting Football Club

The football team from Cameroon, named Fédéral Sporting Football Club du Noun, is based in Foumban and is a member of the Cameroonian Football Federation. After winning the Cameroon Second Division, the team was promoted to the Elite One in 2005.

Before being demoted to the Elite Two in 2007, Fédéral spent two years competing in the Cameroon Premier Division. After one season, Noun was demoted to the Mezam Division III.

The Foumban-based Stade Municipal served as the club's home games venue.

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9. Kurumo Strikers

The Kumbo Strikers football team represents Cameroon. Therefore, the Cameroonian Football Federation counts them as a member. The team competed in Cameroon's Second Division and was established in 1992. Their home stadium is Kumbo Municipal Stadium, nicknamed the "KSFC."

The club has won the Cameroon Cup once (2000) and the Super Coupe Roger Milla (2000). 


10. Mount Cameroon Football Club 

Mount Cameroon Football Club is a football club in Buéa, Cameroon.

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Hon. Calvin Foinding founded the club in 1997. They have participated in the Cameroon Première Division for over 12 years (Elite One). The 3,200-seat Molyko Omnisport Stadium serves as Mount Cameroon FC's home field. Still, the team also uses its academy's "Stade d'Honneur" area for home games.

By becoming the first club in the area and the second club West of the Mungo to win the Cameroon Cup in 2002, Mount Cameroon FC elevated football in the area to a new level.

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