Current Date: 31 Jan, 2023


Bitcoin premium reaches 60% in Nigeria as the country restricts ATM cash withdrawals

The price of one Bitcoin (BTC) has skyrocketed to the equivalent of $38,000 in Nigeria's local currency, the naira.

Bashagha and the current oil minister reject a new Eni gas agreement with Libya

Abd Alhamid Aldabaiba's current government in Tripoli, headed by Minister of Oil and Gas Mohamed Aoun, rejected the Eni agreement with Libya that was signed on the same day.

Top 10 Most Technologically Advanced Countries in the World 2023

The fact is that many of the world's most innovative nations are also among the most technologically advanced. Well, read along to learn about the latter.

More than 75% of Egyptians are aware of the issue of overpopulation - the Cabinet's information centers' survey

75.6 percent of the population in Egypt is aware of the overpopulation issue, according to a survey by the Information and Decision Support Centre (IDSC) of the Cabinet.

Johnson was instructed to stop seeking loan guidance - Richard Sharp

In light of a report that the former prime minister was instructed to stop seeking financial advice from Mr. Sharp, connections between Boris Johnson and BBC chairman Richard Sharp are again being questioned.

China's naval exercise with South Africa and Russia is more about political symbolism than military benefits

Exercise Mosi II, which will hold off the coast of South Africa the following month, is another indication of China's military diplomacy resumption following the pandemic.

The famous short video app TikTok may face a nationwide ban in the United States next month

The House Foreign Affairs Committee of the United States intends to vote on a bill to forbid the use of TikTok next month due to national security concerns.

Unrepentant drug dealer sentenced to ten years in prison

An unrepentant notorious drug dealer who received a three-year prison sentence with hard labor in 2019 for trafficking marijuana has been found guilty of the same crime this 2023.

AMA plans to launch a digital revenue collection system in March 2023

Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA), the Assembly has announced plans to roll out a new digital revenue collection system in March this year to increase and enhance revenue.

The Magistrates' Court ordered an autopsy on the 17-month-old infant discovered dead in a vehicle

The police's request to conduct an autopsy on a 17-month-old infant who passed away last Saturday has been approved by Seychelles' Magistrates' Court.

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