Current Date: 20 Apr, 2024


Eradicating Malaria in West Africa

Eradicate Malaria: Discover how nets, spraying, & new tools can end malaria in West Africa.

The Historical Journey of Islam in Africa: From North to West

Explore the fascinating history of how and why Islam spread from North to West Africa. Discover the cultural, trade, and political influences that shaped this significant religious expansion.

Trans-Sahara Trade Route: Largest Commodity Source of Trade in West Africa

The Trans-Saharan Gold Trade wasn't a one-way street. Discover the rich exchange of gold for salt, a partnership between West Africa and North Africa.

5 Profitable Business Ideas in Africa for 2024

Africa's population & sunshine offer a wealth of business opportunities. Explore high-profit ideas in renewable energy, agriculture, e-commerce & healthcare.

Four Reasons Why West Africa Strongly Felt the Effects of Slave Trade

West Africa: Scars of Slave Trade. Depopulation, war, & lost culture. How this brutal trade still impacts the region.

5 Best Weekly Spending Tracker Apps 2024

Achieve financial wellness with weekly spending tracker apps! YNAB, Goodbudget, Oportun, PocketGuard & Honeydue simplify budgeting & expense tracking. Learn how to choose the best app for you.

Top 5 Saving Apps in Nigeria for 2024

Struggling to save in Nigeria? Saving apps offer a secure solution for economic empowerment. Check out our review of PiggyVest, Cowrywise, and others!

Pre-match Analysis: Paris Saint-Germain vs Barcelona

PSG vs Barcelona Champions League clash preview! Key matchups, team form analysis & who holds the advantage? Read to find out!

Netizens Name “Marry My Husband” Song Ha Yoon As Alleged Bully In School Violence Accusations

On April 1, 2024, JTBC reported that a popular actress, “Ms. S,” had been accused of school violence.

One of the Things Prince William Hates About Being a Royal Is ‘Dressing Up in Robes and Jewels’

A former royal employee says the Prince of Wales won't be the same type of king as his father because he doesn't enjoy all the flash and pageantry.

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