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Top 10 Best Football Academies in Egypt

"Football academies" refers to the youth program associated with a professional football club. Although they may occasionally be referred to as centers of excellence, most football clubs have programs to develop young players. 

Academy selection technically starts at age 9, and until under-12s, there is an annual player review at the end of each season (however, some clubs may have a pre-academy to prepare younger players for Academy life).

However, A player will likely be given a 2-year registration once they reach the Under-12 level. These academies are situated in different world nations, and Egypt isn't an exception.

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This is why this article looks at Egypt's top ten best football academies. Check out the top 10 best football academies in Egypt below.

Future Football Club


Egyptian professional football club Future Football Club, formerly Coca-Cola, is based in Cairo. Since its inception in 2011, the Egyptian branch of The Coca-Cola Corporation has controlled the club until 2021. It is a football training facility in Egypt.

For the first time, Coca-Cola was promoted to the 2021–22 Egyptian Premier League during their final campaign under that name after winning its division in the 2020–21 Egyptian Second Division. 

Nowadays, the club competes in Egypt's top division of football, the Egyptian Premier League.

Al Masry Sporting Club


Al Masry Sports Club is a Port Said-based Egyptian sports club. The club is most known for its professional football squad, which plays in the top flight of the Egyptian football league system, the Egyptian Premier League.

Al Masry has only ever won the Egyptian Cup; they have never won the league. The Port Said Stadium, which has seating for 17,988, is where the team holds its home games.

It was the first Egyptian club in a city with several clubs for the foreign communities residing there when it was established on March 18 by a group of Egyptians in Port Said.

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Al Mokawloon Al Arab Sporting Club


Osman Ahmed Osman, a well-known construction engineer, owns the Egyptian sports team Al Mokawloon Al Arab Sports Club, also known locally as El Mokawloon (The Contractors) and situated in Nasr City, Cairo. 

Osman Ahmed Osman, an Egyptian engineer, contractor, businessman, and politician, formed the club in 1973 as the official sports club for his well-known local construction company, the Arab Contractors, possibly the largest in the entire Middle East. 

However, the club is most known for its football squad, which competes in the Egyptian Premier League, the top division of the country's football league structure. Abdel Sattar Sabry, Mohamed Salah, and Mohamed Elneny are just a few of the well-known and brilliant players the club has produced.

Cairo City Soccer School

A football academy called Cairo City was established in 2017 by Sport Makers in collaboration with Sports Academy Zurich in Switzerland. One day, the academy hopes to develop into a football team competing at the professional level. 

From the beginning, they have worked to ensure the kids are having a good time while also preparing them for the life of a professional football player. Because of this, the institution was designed using Swiss ideals from the ground up, evident in its training philosophy and approach.

At the Misr University for Science & Technology Stadium in the Al- Motamayez District, First October 6, Giza Governorate, there is a football team called Cairo City Soccer School.

The company can be found in the football club and sports school categories. There has been one review with an overall rating of 5.

Al Ahly Club Football Academy

Al Ahly Club Football Academy is a college that teaches football fundamentals using contemporary methods used in the game. The age range for admission to the institution is 4 to 14. 

Acing in performance is required because the minimal level could qualify someone to play professional football. Each year, the academy's season begins at the beginning of July and lasts until April. 

All branches operate under the same Academy system. However, the number of practice sessions, training days, and internal matters specific to the department may vary.

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F.C. Barcelona School

The main objective of F.C. Barcelona's flagship BARA Academy, which is accessible to both girls and boys between the ages of 4 and 18, is to provide its players with a rigorous training environment.

The B.A.R.C.A. philosophy, which incorporates a creative and aggressive type of football and promotes positive qualities like respect, effort, ambition, teamwork, and humility, is the foundation for the BARA Academy's operation. You can contact them via

Zamalek SC Academy


Another elite club in Egypt is Zamalek SC, which has a renowned player development program. The academy offers a variety of youth-focused initiatives, including junior and senior teams.

Zamalek Sports Club, also known as Zamalek, is a Giza-based sports organization in Egypt. It is one of the most successful football clubs in Africa and the Middle East. It held the record for most titles won by an African club in 20th-century competitions. 

The club is most known for its professional football squad, which competes in the highest division of the Egyptian football league system, the Egyptian Premier League. The Qasr El Nile Club was established on January 5, 1911, and was initially led by Belgian attorney George Merzbach. 

Two years later, the organization's name was changed to Cairo International Sports Club (C.I.S.C.), also known as El Mokhtalat Club or El Qhirah El Mokhtalat Club.

Dreams Football Academy

Football Dreams is a High-Performance Football Academy. The players will gain knowledge and values from her that they can apply both in their home clubs (should the student compete) and with players who do not compete but wish to better their living conditions. They also gain knowledge from professional technical personnel at the national and international levels.

Those who have played for some of the top universities, such as:

  • Barcelona
  • Espanyol
  • Logroés
  • Southampton 
  • Castellón
  • Villarreal 
  • Mallorca 
  • Hercules 
  • and international players for Spain and Catalonia, make up Football Dreams

Ismaily SC Academy


Ismaily SC is a club with a lengthy history. It is renowned for developing players of the highest caliber through its academy. The academy offers a variety of youth-focused initiatives, including junior and senior teams.

El Nahda Sports Club, also known as Nady El Nahda in Egyptian, was founded as Ismaily Sporting Club on March 20, 1921, with headquarters in Ismailia, Egypt. Also, it is regarded as an Egyptian National Club because they supported a well-known local player on a tour of duty so they could play for the benefit of their country against the occupying troops.

The club's moniker, The Brazilians, alludes to their playing style and clothing, which resemble the Brazil national team. Ismaily won the Egyptian Cup in 1997 and 2000 and the Egyptian Premier League thrice in 1967, 1991, and 2002.

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Pegasus Football Academy⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠

 This is the official Partner of Pegasus Football Academy School in Egypt. Pegasus Academy is a private youth sports organization that serves the Pune youth soccer community. Pegasus is committed to dominating youth soccer and is ready in every way to succeed at the top level.

Pegasus is well-positioned to lead football in India by properly developing young players, boasting a highly qualified coaching staff, a unique player development curriculum, some of the best youth coaching facilities in the city, and a prime location in one of the city's largest youth football markets. 

As a result, Pegasus can offer players a unique experience with little geographical difficulties while preserving a sense of community.

In conclusion, Egypt is home to several elite football academies committed to producing the game's future superstars. These academies provide a variety of programs for young players and have a solid track record of turning out players of the highest caliber.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best Egyptian football team?

According to statistics, Al Ahly is the best Egyptian football team. They have won the Egyptian premier league title 43 times, which is the highest among every other team.

Where can I train American football in Egypt?

You can train American football in:

  1. America Football Warriors
  2. Wadi degla football academy
  3. FootGenix
  4. Egyptian Federation of American Football

Does Egypt have a good football team?

Egypt has many solid football teams which have made their mark internationally such as:

  1. Al Ahly Egypt
  2. Pyramids FC Egypt
  3. El Zamalek Egypt

Who is better Zamalek vs Ahly?

From past statistics, Al Ahly is better than El Zamalek. Ahly has won 27 games while Zamalek won 6 games. Both teams played the same amount of games number of games from 2005 till date.

Has Egypt ever won a World Cup game?

No. Egypt has never won a world cup game. They have appeared 2 times but haven't been able to win a world cup game.

What are the fees to join Barcelona Academy in Egypt?

The academy has not put out any specific amount to pay in fees but you can apply on the website by clicking this link.

How popular is football in Egypt?

Football is the most popular sport in Egypt. There are millions of fans throughout the country.

What is the oldest football club in Egypt?

The first football club founded in Egypt is El Sekka El Hadid Club. It was formed in 1903.

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