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Top 7 Best Football Academies in Lagos and their contact details(updated)

In recent years, football has evolved from a simple pastime or enjoyable time into a trillion-dollar industry and way of life. This is so that people can earn money through several channels.

Football clubs have been forced to establish young teams as a result of exorbitant salaries, player sales, and ticket sales, which not only produce results but also generate enormous revenues for them.

These organizations are known as “academies.” These institutions are not exclusive to the stunning Lagos state in Nigeria; in fact, there are unquestionably among the best.

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In recent years, the Lagos Football Academies in Nigeria have assisted in discovering potential, whether these academies are from a Nigerian Professional Football League team or not.

With these academies, either from a Nigerian Professional Football League team or a European team, the Lagos Football Academies in Nigeria have assisted in unearthing potential in recent years.

Here are a few of Lagos' top football academies, listed in no particular order.

Paddysco Sports Academy


An organization for sports management with a developmental mindset and one of the top football academies in Lagos, Nigeria. The organization is active in numerous Nigerian states and is registered with the CAC under RC No. 990280. 

It is associated with and funded by the Lagos State Football Association (LSFA). 

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Each child's talent is acknowledged, nurtured, and promoted through the PADDYSCO SPORTS ACADEMY, which helps to maintain their mental and physical alertness. Students are covered completely by insurance, and the program is well-structured.

Location: House 2, 112 Road B Cl, Festac Town, Lagos.
Telephone numbers: 08139269912, and 09098090966

Ambassadors Football Academy


Owned by a religious group, Ambassadors Football trains young players in soccer and participates in youth leagues and competitions in Lagos. It serves as a platform for spreading the gospel and instilling virtue. 

They started out in Bolton, England, as Ambassadors in Sport (AIS) in 1990. It's name was changed to a new one in 2013. 

The grassroots football ministry was established by a group called Missionary Athletes International, and it has always placed a priority on collaborating with churches and Christian organizations.  

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Through fervent prayer, calling, and research, it continues to expand every year in accordance with the Lord's will. Nigeria is not excluded from this agenda. In collaboration with nearby schools, they also emphasize the three pillars of ministry—football, faith, and the future.

They reach young girls through two initiatives in the Lagos region: basic schools and Hope Academies in Ogbadibo and Otumara. These Hope Academies collaborate with two neighborhood elementary schools, one in the suburbs and one in the city. 

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Location: 13 King George V Road, Onikan, Lagos State, Nigeria.
Contact information is available at 08028272795 and 08023436358.
Send emails to

Ayicrip Football Academy


One of the football academies in Lagos that gives young people a chance to discover and cultivate their football skills is Ayicrip Football Academy.

It is one of the football academies in Nigeria and is regarded as one of the best. Talented young people in Nigeria's cities and semi-cities between the ages of 17 and 23 are their major targets. 

For anyone who desires, there is a form that enables them to take part in open camp tryouts. These encourage talented young football players to visit and test their abilities. 

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The top athletes are chosen to compete. Eighteen players are chosen after training for the international football trial tour in particular nations.

Selected players will be invited to a two-week camp in Lagos to get ready for foreign trial tours in Asia, the Middle East, the East, and Europe after the open camp tests are finished. 

Finally, prominent football agents, club managers, and licensed coaches will show up during the international friendlies competition in quest of outstanding players under contract with their respective clubs to launch their professional careers. 

The successful players launch their professional careers right away when the two-week tour is over. 

Location: Aguda, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria, by Sholabomi Crescent Gate on Oladimeji Street.
Kindly call 07062356658.

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Juventus Football Academy


The Juventus Football Academy, with locations in Abuja and Lagos, is the official academy of the Italian powerhouse Juventus Club. It is one of Nigeria's top sports academies. 

The Juventus Academy Regional Manager, who regularly visits the projects to ensure Juventus Academy project requirements are met, is one of the qualified Turin trainers they employ.

The Juventus Academy program in Nigeria operates exclusively on select dates, mainly during the holidays, making it more like a camp than a full-time job.

The course is open to interested individuals between the ages of 6 and 17, and practice sessions are held on weekdays from 9 am to 3 pm. 

Location: Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria, 1619 Danmole Street, off Idejo Street.
Phone: 07016594626

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Pepsi Football Academy


The main football academy in Nigeria for the past 20 years has been Pepsi Football Academy. The Pepsi Football Academy, one of Nigeria's biggest football academies, has around 14 training facilities and almost 3,000 pupils. It is well-known for its popularity in the nation.

They have been so successful in recent years that some well-known players attribute their professional success to them. Yinka Adédeji, Joseph Akpala, Derick Amadi, Kola Anubi, Onyekachi Apam, Ezekiel Bala, Femi Joseph, John Obi Mikel, and others are some of her graduates. 

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Currently, the Academy provides a program that enables some of its top athletes to develop their academic and athletic careers in the UK. 

Locations: Cocoa Industries Field, off Akilo Road in Ogba, or Agege Stadium in Agege, Lagos, Nigeria. 

Phone: 08023108335, 08032451880

MILO Football Academy 

The MILO Football Academy was founded by Nestle Foods, the largest producer of fast-moving consumer goods in Nigeria.

Therefore, the Milo Academy was created to aid in the identification of emerging youthful talent. The academy routinely invites former internationals to instruct and inspire the students.

Location: Industrial Avenue, No. 22/24, Ilupeju

Midas Football Academy


Location: Gospel CampGrounds, Command Road, Ipaja, Lagos, 100278.

In order to identify and develop young football potential in Nigeria and the rest of Africa, the Midas Football Academy Nigeria was established in November 2006.

The Lagos State Football Association and the Nigerian Football Association both recognize the academy's legal registration and affiliation. 

They claim that there is a network of international football clubs and football management organizations around the world. They have connections with Boy Scouts in Europe, Asia, North Africa, and the Americas, where they showcase their talented graduates. 

Located at Ground, Gospel Camp, Command Rd, Ipaja 100278, Lagos 

Phone: 0803 376 9034

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I join a football academy in Nigeria?

You can join a football academy in Nigeria either by contacting them yourself, using an agent to help secure your place in the academy or being scouted. 

Most people prefer to contact the academy or have an agent do this because you can control the process better that way. But getting scouted by a club or academy can be very beneficial as the club or academy is usually willing to do more to keep you because of your talent.

Do Academy players get paid in Nigeria?

Yes, they do.

How much is a footballer's salary in Nigeria?

A Nigerian footballer earns a salary range between N400,000 to N1.2 million per month.

How much is Barcelona Football Academy fees?

Barcelona Football Academy costs around NGN13,500 to enroll.

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