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Top 10 football clubs in Libya

 Football is the most popular sport among Libyan children and teenagers, who frequently play it on the streets. This is because Libyans have a strong passion for football. As a result, most people take time off from their obligations and jobs to attend a game. 

Unfortunately, Libyans have witnessed numerous violent incidents, including killings and riots, during, before, and after derby matches between the country's top three clubs, Al-Ittihad Tripoli, Ahly Tripoli, and Ahly Benghazi. As a result, Libya has yet to have much success internationally or at the club level. 

However, there are still football clubs that thrive in Libya, and this article lists the top ten in the country as the country has produced players with talent like TarIk El-Taib,Jehad Muntasser,Ahmed Saad, and Fawzi Al-Issawi.

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1.  Al Ittihad Gheryan

Al Ittihad Gheryan is a Libyan football club based in Gharyan, south of Tripoli, in western Libya. After being promoted from the Libyan Third Division the previous season, the club plays in the Libyan Second Division (2008–09). The GMR Stadium is where the club holds its home matches.

The team did spend a season in the top division (1994–95). 


2. Al Urouba Ajelat

Al Urouba Ajelat is a Libyan football club based in Ajaylat, Libya. Their home games are held at Ajaylat Stadium. The club placed second place behind Al Ittihad in the 2004–05 season. 

They spent one season in the Libyan Second Division after being demoted before being promoted back to the top tier a season later. Although they were only four points away from safety, they did not perform as well this time and were demoted to the 14th position.

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3. Al Ahli Tripoli Sports Club

Al Ahli Tripoli Sports Club, also known as Al Ahli Tripoli, is a football team from Libya with its headquarters in Tripoli. It is the most successful club in Libyan history, with 12 Libyan Premier League titles, 6 Libyan Cups, and 2 Libyan Super Cups. 

The club's crest features a torch on top of a silhouette of Libya against a green and white background. Given that it was attained only a few months after the club was founded, the torch represents the nation's independence. Furthermore, a star was added to the club's crest after winning its tenth Libyan Premier League championship in 2000, a star was added to the club's range.


After winning the first national championship in 1967–68, the team struggled for seven years before finally succeeding in 1970–71. The team won two of the following three championships and the final one before the league was disbanded in 1977–78. 

However, they did make it to the African Cup Winners' Cup final in 1984, where they withdrew from playing Al-Ahly Cairo because Libyan clubs were not allowed to play Egyptian clubs at the time due to the poor relations between them Libya and Egypt.

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4. Darnes Sports Club

Darnes Sports Club is a Libyan football club based in Derna, Libya. The team once finished second in the 1965–1966 Libyan Premier League after defeating Ittihad Tripoli 2-0 in the return leg in Derna. Former players on the team include Abdulhaq Al Tashani, Ahmed Souleimen Neffati, Idris Mikraz, and Anis Mikraz.

5. Al-Hilal Sports Cultural & Social Club

 The Al-Hilal Sports Cultural & Social Club, also known as Al-Hilal Benghazi, is a Libyan professional association football club based in Benghazi that plays in the Libyan Premier League.

 Under the direction of the new board of directors (Nader Bushnaf) and the sports director Hossamedin Bedier, the club has achieved enormous development milestones in infrastructure, strategic development plans, and marketing.

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6. Al-Ittihad Sport, Cultural & Social Club

 The "Al Ummal," "Al Nahda," and "Al Shabab" clubs merged to form the "Al Ittihad Club" on July 29, 1949. The founder and initial leader was Mohamed Al-Krewi.

The well-known Al-Ittihad Sport, Cultural, and Social Club A football team from Libya known as Tripoli, or simply Al-Ittihad, is based in Bab Ben Gashier, Tripoli. They have won the Libyan SuperCup ten times, the Libyan Cup seven times, and the Libyan Premier League eighteen times each.

Al-Ittihad made it to the CAF Confederation Cup quarterfinals in 2010.

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7. Ascharara Sports Club 

Ascharara Sports Club is a Libyan football club based in Sabha. They compete in Libya's top football division. Sabha Stadium serves as their home field. The team competed in the 2007 Libyan Premier League but was demoted after the campaign.

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8. Khaleej Sirte

 The Libyan football club Khaleej Sirte is based in Sirte, Libya. The site was established on May 5, 1963. They compete in the Premier League of Libya. At Sirte's March 2 Stadium, they hold their home games. Around 2,000 people can fit in the stadium.


 It continued under this moniker until Al-Najm Al-Sate and Al-Intilaaq, the other two clubs in Sirte, merged to form Khaleej Sirte on July 29, 1999. They managed to stay up in their first season after being promoted to the Premier League in 2005–06, finishing a respectable seventh. 

In the 2007–08 season, they came in at number five. Manager Abdulhafeedh Arbeesh led the team to its first two trophies—the Libyan League Cup and the Libyan Cup—after a 1-0 victory over Madina.

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9. Nojom Ajdabiya

Ajdabiya, in North-East Libya, is home to the football team Nojom Ajdabiya. The club, one of five in Ajdabiya, was established in 1984. The club competed in the Libyan Second Division in 2006–07 and was promoted in its inaugural campaign there.
However, with only 16 points from 30 games, the team was relegated from the Libyan Premier League because they were way out of their league's depth.

10. Olympic Azzaweya Sports Club

 Olympic Azzaweya Sports Club is a Libyan football club based in the Libyan city of Zawiya. They are the only team from a city other than Tripoli or Benghazi to have won the Libyan Premier League championship. This was accomplished during the 2003–04 campaign. 

Former players at the club include Nader Kara, Marei Al Ramly, and Younes Al Shibani. The team did participate in the CAF Champions League once, in 2005, losing to USM Alger 7-0 on aggregate in the opening round after defeating Renaissance FC of Chad 3-2 in the first round.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the most popular sport in Libya?

The most popular sport in Libya is Football. The governing body for football in Libya is the Libyan Football Federation, which was founded in 1962.

Who is the best Libyan football player?

Ali Musrati is the best Libyan football player with the highest FIFA Rating followed by Ismael Tajouri-Shradi in second.

Has Libya ever made it to the World Cup?

Libya has never qualified for FIFA World Cups in history.

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