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Top 10 Football Clubs In Senegal

Football clubs are dispersed in almost every country globally. These clubs compete in national and international football competitions and may sometimes win. However, this article enlightens or briefs you on Senegal's top ten football clubs. They're listed below.

1. Jeanne d'Arc 

The Senegalese football team, Organization for Sport and Culture ASC, or Jeanne d'Arc, is based in Dakar. This is one of the oldest in the nation and was established in 1923. 

At the Stade Léopold Sédar Senghor, they compete. Currently, the club competes in National 1. With ten championship victories since 1975, the club is just one behind ASC Diaraf. Jeanne d'Arc has received 25, which places her second behind Djaraf in overall honors.


The club was the first in an independent Senegal to win a championship; their second came in 1969; their third came in 1973; Jeanne d'Arc won two titles in a row in 1986; and their sixth came in 1988.


 2. AS Sucrière de La Réunion 

The Senegalese football team, based in Richard Toll, is called AS Sucrière de La Réunion (short form: ASSUR, AS Sucrière, with the first r italicized). When the group system was implemented in 2006, the club was demoted to Division 2 and later returned. 

They remained there until 2013, when they were demoted once more after the club with the new name finished last, and their highest position was fourth. Richard Toll is the home of the Senegalese football team AS Sucrière de La Réunion.

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3. Casa Sports de Ziguinchor 

Casa Sports de Ziguinchor is a Senegalese football team located in Ziguinchor. The club was established as Foyer de Jeunes de Casamance in 1960 when Senegal gained independence. Its name was changed to Casamance-Sporting Football Club at the start of the 1970s. 

After that, it was abbreviated to Casa Sports. Casa Sport marked its 25th anniversary in 1985. Casa Sport turned professional in 2009. They compete in Senegal's top football division. Stade Aline Sitoe Diatta is their home field. 

The club's name, the abbreviation Casa, is derived from the first four letters of the area, making it the most well-known sports club in Casamance. Along with AS Police of Dakar and SUNEOR Diourbel, Casa Sport is sixth out of the six major awards won in Senegal.


4. AS Dakar Sacré-Coeur 

Although AS Dakar Sacré-Coeur was established in 2005, the professional team didn't start competing until October 2010. They collaborate with Olympique Lyonnais, a French team. 

They have a women's team that competes in Senegal's first division, a men's group that competes in the Senegal Premier League, and a training facility with more than 65 young football players. Additionally, they have ties to a football academy with more than 1,800 students. 

The club's colors are white and blue.

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5. Diambars FC de Saly

Patrick Vieira, a former footballer, and other players founded Diambars in 2003. Senegal's Diambars FC de Saly is a football academy that competes in the Senegalese National League 1. Additionally, it is a component of Diambars, a UNESCO-accredited non-profit organization. 


Diambars began competing at regional championships, and in 2009, after dominating regional divisions, he advanced to professional status. Diambars rose through the national divisions to reach National 1, then moved up to Ligue 2, then for the first time in 2011 to Ligue 1, where it still plays today. 

In their first season, they were assigned to Group A and won the group with 26 points, eight victories, and the most goals (18), which they shared with Ouakam. Unfortunately, Diambars finished behind Casa Sports in the final round.

Nevertheless, Diambars won 14 games in their second Ligue 1 season, finished with 52 points (a club record), set a record with 42 goals scored, and won their only championship for the year (2013).

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6. ASC Jaraaf 

The Senegalese football team named ASC Jaraaf is based in Dakar. They compete in Senegal's top football division. Stade de Diaraf is their home field. ASC Jaraaf is another way to spell the club's name. 

The word Diaraf, spelled in French in Senegal, or Jaraaf, spelled in Serer and English in the Gambia, originates from the Serer language. In pre-colonial times, the Jaraffs presided over the Serer noble council of electors, which chose the Serer kings. 

The most well-liked club in Senegal is ASC Jaraaf. With a total of 28, the club also holds the record for the most significant awards in Senegal.


7. Étoile Lusitana Club 

The Étoile Lusitana Club is in Dakar, a Senegalese youth football academy. On April 20, 2008, Lus Norton de Matos founded Lusitania. He owns 80% of the club's rights, with a Senegalese company holding the remaining 20%.


When it triumphed in the top division of the Northern Ireland Milk Cup competition in 2010, the team's academy garnered attention on a global scale. The club's name was derived from the old name of the Roman Province in Portugal.

The team placed sixth in the Senegalese Second Division at the end of the 2009 season and again in the 2010 campaign.

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8. Association Sportive et Culturelle Niarry Tally

Organization for Sport and Culture Niarry Tally Senegal's Grand-Dakar Biscuiterie is a football team. The Grand-Dakar Biscuiterie, a biscuit manufacturer in Senegal, is the club's owner. Although the club was established on February 21, 1981, the Grand-first Dakar football game was played in 1955.

Until about 2014, its home uniform consisted of a red-blue T-shirt with reversed sleeve colors, red shorts, and white socks. It's away uniform was white with a red-blue collar on top.


9. Association Sportive Artistique et Culturelle Ndiambou

The Senegalese football team Association Sportive Artistique et Culturelle Ndiambour, also known as ASEC Ndiambour and referred to in Wolof as Njaambur or Njambuur, is based in Louga and competes in the Senegal National League 2 Poule A. (second tier).


Alboury Ndiaye, also called Stade ASEC Ndiambour, is their home field. With seven significant awards won in Senegal, Ndiambour (or Ndjambour) is fifth overall.

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⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠10. Olympique de Ngor 

The Senegal football team, Olympique de Ngor, is based in Dakar's neighborhood. They play in the top division of football clubs. Their football stadium is called Stade de Ngor. It has a capacity of 10,000. 

Tarrafal FC de Monte Trigo, from Cape Verde, is Africa's westernmost football (soccer) club as of 2014, though it is a lesser and least prominent club. Nevertheless, it is the westernmost football club on the African mainland with Almadies of Ngor.

The squad of Olympique de Ngor during the 2014-15 season. The club was established in Dakar in 1955 during the last years of French colonial rule; it later moved its headquarters to Ngor. Sucrière de La Réunion is a Senegalese football team headquartered in Richard Toll (short form: ASSUR, AS Sucrière, with the first r italicized).

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