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Top 10 Best Football Academy in Ghana

Football or soccer academies provide the chance to learn more advanced and improvised football skills and techniques for young football aspirants. Football is the most enjoyable sport for Ghanaians.

Although Ghana has many cities with fantastic football training facilities, Accra is one of the best Ghanaian cities with top-notch professional football academies.

Ghanaian football academies provide interested individuals with playing opportunities and training, as is done by other football academies in Africa, such as Ethiopia, Benin, and Morroco. Therefore, it is essential to enroll your children in soccer academies so that they can begin learning the various facets of football at a young age.

Soccer academies encourage activity, and as volunteers and the coaching staff develop your child's skills, they will also become healthier. Likewise, if you enroll your child in a soccer academy, they will grow interested in the sport and want to improve their weaknesses.

Finally, keep in mind that playing football is a career in and of itself. Your kid will soon sign up with a pro soccer team and advance quickly in their career. Below is a list of top Ghana football academies.


West African Football Academy


One of the largest SHS in Ghana, WAFA FC, is located in the Volta Region not far from Sogakope. Feyenoord established the soccer academy in 1998. You can trust it to coach your child using various techniques.

It should be noted that WAFA FC was formerly known as Feyenoord academy before rebranding in 2009. In 2009, the club acquired Red Bull Academy. The West Africa Football Academy, or WAFA FC, provides excellent training to those who are interested in learning the various laws and rules that govern the game.

Feyenoord received permission from the Chief of Fetteh in 1998 to launch the football academy. Feyenoord's main objective was to provide young people who were interested with a formal education while also helping them develop their football-playing skills. 

Ghana Premier League participants compete there to hone their abilities. Sadiq Abubakari, a professional footballer renowned for his incredible playing techniques and skills, serves as WAFA FC's current head coach.

Undeniably, Sadiq will assist the WAFA FC players in honing their talents and achieving professional success. Mohammed Abubakari was the first player to graduate from the academy and signed his first professional contract with Feyenoord.


Dreams Football Club Academy


Dreams FC is a football academy in Accra, founded in 2009, and is one of Ghana's top soccer academies. It can be found in the Greater Accra Area. It trained athletes to compete in the Ghanaian Premier League, which took place in 2018. 

Dreams Football Club Academy is known as "still believe" because of how much they have impressed Ghanaians with their progress. Dreams FC was elevated to the Ghanaian Football League System in 2014. In 2015, it won Division One League, Zone 3, qualifying it to play in the Ghana Premier League.

Dreams Football Club has two operating phases. The first team in Stage 1 plays in the Ghana Premier League. The first team's manager is Abdul Karim Zito, better known as the former coach and trainer for the National U23 team. 

The junior section is in stage two. What notable soccer players come from this academy? Any parent of a gifted child may have this question. 

Some of the wealthiest footballers in Ghana have come from this club, including Emmanuel Sowah Adjei of RSC Anderlecht, Baba Rahman of Chelsea FC, Benjamin Tetteh of Standard Liege, and John Antwi of Misr Lel-Mekkasa SC.


Right to Dream Academy


The Right to Dream Academy prepares young boys to become professional football players. The soccer academy was founded in 1999 by Tom Vernon, who started small. 

The academy has grown significantly into a significant international educational and sporting academy today. It supports more than 90 students from about seven African nations.

The Eastern Region is where the soccer academy is situated. Those who enroll in this academy have their football skills developed, their character strengthened, and they learn essential techniques. 

The academy has recently opened a residential girls' football academy, which is good news for Ghanaian girls interested in honing their football skills. In addition, footballers enrolled at Right to Dream Academy can participate in competitions outside of Ghana to improve their skills. 

As an illustration, players frequently travel to Europe to compete against other renowned youth teams. More than 20 graduates currently playing for professional football clubs in Europe have come out of the academy thus far.


Accra Lions Club Ghana Academy

Accra Lions FC is a football academy that provides the nation's interested citizens with top-notch skills. This club was established on December 12, 2015, and is now fully functional. 

The fantastic news is that Accra Lions FC finished first in the Zone IV division with 73 points in just 28 games throughout two seasons. They qualified for Middle League thanks to this outstanding record. 

They qualified for Middle League thanks to this exceptional record. Indeed, the Accra Lions FC Academy is still in its infancy. However, the club is committed to providing its enrolled players with professional skills. 

The fact that they completed six international transfers for their players demonstrates their tenacity. Osman Bukari and Jessie Guera Djou, from Ghana, were transferred from the team to RSC Anderlecht and AS Monaco, respectively. 

According to the academy's official website, the Accra Sports Stadium is the club's home field, announced on January 28, 2018. Oliver Amedor, Libass Diagne, Abubakar Salifu, Ahmed Ramzy Yusif, Kofi Afriyie Asante, and Nasiru Moro are a few of the club's top goal-scorers.


Tima Football Club Source

One of the top football academies in the Central Ghana Region is Tima FC. The Ghanaian football academy began as a youth club but has grown into a youth academy that teaches the best football tactics and skills. It has a paid coaching staff and volunteers who train the players who have signed up.

The academy accepts boys between the ages of 6 and 17 and offers senior players of all ages. Intriguingly, the academy helps boys who are 11 years old refine their efforts by allowing them to participate in competitions with the Ghana Football Association.

The academy's goal is to provide players with excellent playing styles and educate them on both the spirit and the rules of football. The academy is aware that the dreams of its enrolled students are to move on to bigger clubs. 

Thus, it provides them with the best to achieve their objectives and aspirations. Some of its players continue to work and attend school in the neighborhood; the academy places no restrictions on you.

GreenGen Football Academy 

The GreenGen Football Academy was founded in 2015. This sports academy can be found in Accra, Ghana, at No. 383 Ghana Head Office, 14 Odotei Tsui Street. This sports academy was established to aid young, aspiring football players in Ghana. 

The practical coaching staff and modernized facilities at Greengen Football Academy will help grow young players.

East Legon Football Academy (ELFA)

The East Legon Football Academy (ELFA) is situated at No. 75 Boundary Rd in Accra. Wilson Yeboah Danso, a successful Ghanaian businessman, founded this football academy in 2019. 

The main reason for starting this academy was to help young football players with talent and potential reach the pinnacle of their careers. Many skilled and experienced coaches are available at the East Legon Football Academy to help aspiring footballers play like pros.

The players at this football academy can attend seminars as well. Through these seminars, the academy's players will learn, improve, and become aware of their weaknesses. 

The East Legon Football Academy training facilities are cutting-edge and efficient, helping players develop quickly and easily. This academy seeks to advance soccer in Ghana, Africa, and the entire world.

Astros Football Academy 

The Astros Football Academy can be found on Kojo Ashong Avenue in Accra, Ghana. In 2014, this football academy was founded. Because of its efficient facilities and skilled coaches, it is still one of Accra's top football academies. 

This academy was established to develop and provide professional training for aspiring Ghanaian football players. The academy had 60 children when it first opened in 2014.

Up to 150 children are currently being trained at the Astros Football Academy. As a way to enhance and broaden the children's football experience, this academy also participates in a variety of football competitions. 

Even though the Astros Football Academy does not yet have a hostel, the academy's owner plans to construct a top-notch hostel for the kids very soon.

When discovered in Ghana, you can enroll in a football academy. Someone might want to scout you after seeing how well you play on the field. It frequently takes place. It all comes down to how well you play, how consistently you play, and how much you love the game. 

Rising Stars of Africa Academy

The Rising Stars Of Africa Academy is situated in Accra's Greda Estate on 10th Avenue. About 52 young Ghanaian footballers are currently members of Rising Stars Of Africa, founded in 2013. This football academy strives to produce more than just talented players. 

The academy also provides young players with a high-quality education. The academy wants to ensure aspiring football players succeed academically and in their athletic endeavors. Most of the students at this school are from low-income households. 

Therefore, teachers and coaches at this academy are always prepared to help students develop the belief that they can achieve greatness and to help them identify their talents. Additionally, this academy has excellent classrooms where students can quickly learn.

One World Football Academy

One World Football Academy was established in 2016. Its goal was to facilitate various football events for young Ghanaian players so they could advance in their careers. It was also created to give young people in Ghana a means of empowerment. 

The One Word Football Academy is situated in Accra, Ghana's Dzorwulu Cres.

Let's end the content with a Bonus ghana football academy.

Ghana Eye Football Academy

Ghana eye football academy is a relatively new but functional football academy in Ghana. They are located at HQMQ+GR5, Nsawam, High St, Ayawaso, Accra, GH. You can call them on this number +233545596906.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

How do I join Right to Dream Academy Accra?

To join Right to Dream Academy, call Prince Boafo, the Right to Dream Recruitment head on +233202220286 or +233244046721 and get started with the recruitment process.

You won't be buying any forms and you can partake in their trials when there is ongoing recruitment. All the parents and guardians need to do is to send their wards to the academy.

How do I join West Africa Football Academy(WAFA)? 

To join the West Africa Football Academy, call the management on +233244352243

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