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Top 10 Football Academies in South Africa

Football is the World's most popular sport. The desire to become a football player is a popular choice, even though it is hard to achieve.

A typical route to becoming a football player is through a football academy. If you hope for your or your loved one's talent to be nurtured in a football academy in South Africa, Go through this list as we bring you the top 10 football academies in the country.

Football Academy Plus 


Football academy plus is based in Capetown. The Academy is regarded as a player factory and aims to source the best players in South Africa. The environment is highly professional, with training staff of great qualities.

The Academy has several branches and works with children between 10-19 years of age. Players are only accepted into the Academy after proper undergoing proper tests and meeting the Academy's talent identification criteria.

African Brothers Football Academy


Aims to build Sustainable football development and social entrepreneurship, empower youth, and unite communities by improving school sports facilities.

The academy trains on excellent facilities, which include international standard astroturf 5-a-side courts and an 11-a-side field 

They provide professional coaching as well as a supportive environment for every football enthusiast. The Academy also works with schools to create a competitive sports environment.

Bidvest Wits Academy


This football academy is a football-training centre established in 2009 with the objective of preparing young players to play professionally.

Bidvest Wits Academy works with the football league club Bidvest Wits to raise stars that are able to fit into the club's long-term plans or play with the football team of their choice.

The staffs are of great quality, and the environment is professional. The Academy offers a safe haven for footballers of all backgrounds. 

Diambars Football Academy


This Academy is founded by friends and teammates Jimmy Adjovi-Boko and Bernard Lama. It is more than a football academy; this is a youth development center.

Total Football Academy


This football academy does not only drill the kids with physical routines. It also provides mental training. The Academy offers a diverse and enriched learning environment.

Young Bafana Soccer Academy 


This Academy is not affiliated with the government. They aim to advance players in their football skills and improve social integration among children, thereby fighting harmful vices and poverty.

Prestige Football Development Academy


This Academy was founded in 2011. Its coaching staff is well-experienced professionals. The Academy seeks players with a passion for the game and molds them into high-end skill players.

Stars of Africa Football Academy


His Academy is a school geared towards providing footballers with holistic development. Children don't only get training to become good footballers but also to become good in society.

SuperSport United Soccer Schools


This Academy is affiliated with great supersport. It was established in 2000 and aimed to help young football lovers to reach their potential. The Academy's training is quite competitive. They accept players 12 and above.

Samba Soccer Academy


This is one of the best academies for young people between ages 5 and 15 to learn skills. So as to get acquainted with the demanding environment that accompanies professional football. This Academy has top-notch facilities and qualified staff. They ensure the young footballer is safe at all times.

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