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Top 10 Football Academies in Kenya

Since the beginning of sports history, various indigenous traditional sports have dominated Kenyan culture. Since ancient times, wrestling, bullfights, stick fights, board games, hunting with spears and arrows, and dances have all been familiar traditional games and sports in Kenya.

Athletics (track and field) and football were the first sports to be professionally organized, in that order. In 1925, sports were made available in schools. In 1935, a curriculum was created for teaching sports through physical education in schools (extracurricular activity). Sport plays a significant role in Kenyan culture.

There are numerous academies that help Kenyans improve their football passion and enthusiasm and in this article you can explain the top 10 football academies in Kenya.

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1. Ligi Ndogo

Ligi Ndogo is a soccer academy established in 2002 to provide young people with a supportive environment where they may develop their soccer skills outside the typical academic curriculum. 

The academy has teams in each age category at numerous centers to accommodate youths across diverse age groups and social-economic divides. Children are taught skills like discipline, teamwork, leadership, and responsibility here, which results in a well-horned person.

The primary center is on the Ligi Ndogo grounds along Ngong Road near the RFUEA Rugby fields. Currently, Ligi Ndogo has four centers. Additionally, Ligi Ndogo is the home of the senior Ligi Ndogo S.C., a national league participant. The soccer academy can be joined by subscribing at the LIgi Ndogo Grounds offices on Ngong Road.


2. Elite Soccer Academy 

In September 2011, Elite Soccer Academy was established. The creators are Benson Njoroge, the administrator, and Yoga Komagazani and Ali Kiplagat, who also serve as team managers.

Elite S.A. initially exclusively included males under the age of 17. However, the group has been developing, and in 2012 it was registered with the Ministry of Sports and associated with the Football Kenya Federation.

Near Nairobi Academy in Karen, De Paul Center is where you'll find Elite S.A. The academy currently includes more than 70 players, all boys, divided into five age groups; this represents a significant improvement in every aspect. In addition, the academy is developing a strategy. 

The development strategy aims to identify the best football players in the Nairobi area. It also further ensures the growth of these football players who have been scouted, as well as their exposure to international scouts, coaches, clubs, and registered football agents.

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3. Ujuzi Soka

This facility is run by Ujuzi Michezo and is connected to the Kenyan football association. It provides football coaching services to clubs, schools, and businesses and soccer training services to young boys and girls ages 5 and 18. 

Through consistent practice, coaching, competitive games, and exchange programs to Europe and America, these training aims to develop talent and improve players' football skills.

The Junior & Youth Premier Academies emphasize enjoyment and rivalry. The development of technical skills and the application of speed to the game distinguish Juniors from Youth. The intricacies of technical finesse and ball control are taught to players. 

Circuit training will be used to build the primary learning environment. This academy covers position-specific duties as well as shooting, dribbling, passing, receiving, heading, tackling, and other ball-related motions. Participants at the academy will be divided into groups based on their abilities;

Teams that sign up will train together, and additional players will be added to groups as needed to make them whole. Every night, matches are played between junior and youth members. Every commuter remains till 6:30 p.m.

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4. Express Soccer Academy 

One of Kenya's top soccer academies, Express Soccer Academy, is located in Nairobi and offers two programs for both boys and girls: school-based programs and Saturday programs. 

The school has been operating since 2014 and boasts some of the most significant national coaches who have received training in various football development techniques. In a friendly and secure soccer atmosphere, the academy offers introductory and competitive soccer programs to schoolchildren in Nairobi.

The academy has founded and grown school soccer groups and offers thorough, qualified instruction.

Using tournaments, international camps, and residential camps in collaboration with other global football academies, the academy caters to kids between the ages of three and fifteen. In addition, it offers various football pathways to excellence based on their abilities and preferences.


5. Mainstream Sports Academy 

The academy with the most effective child development program in the Dagoretti electoral district is Mainstream Sports Academy (M.S.A.). Plans include identifying and nurturing young athletes in Dagoretti and the surrounding area.

The M.S.A. syllabus covers every facet of football while placing particular emphasis on the four fundamental components of Brazilian young football instruction:

  • Emphasizes individual skill and ball mastery.
  • More time is spent doing workouts suited to the game.
  • Fitness and physical training pay off.
  • It matches and competitions (football camps and clinics).

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6. Friendship International Sports Academy

The Friendship International Sports Academy, or FISA for short, was founded in 2006 by its directors, Mr. Amit Shah and Dr. Maurice Awang Owuor. The academy aims to develop young athletes' athletic potential, particularly in soccer.

The school enrolls children and teens from nearby neighborhoods, including Mukuru Slum and South B, who are then trained by Wedson Waweru, Charles, Hammington, and Mickey, four competent instructors.

In addition to receiving valuable life skills instruction, school players learn about societal evils like crime, drug misuse, illiteracy, and premature and irresponsible sexual conduct.

At the Police Band Training Grounds, the school is situated in South B. Players train here every Saturday and Sunday from 2 to 5 p.m. and on weekdays from 4 to 6 p.m. Over 100 players currently compete for FISA in the following age groups: U.8, U.10, U.12, U.14, U.16, U.18, and U.23.

7. Cheza Sports Academy 

Through young programs, Cheza Sports Academy hopes to identify, nurture, develop, and promote the growth of prospective football talent. Therefore, it was created to ensure the development of young football professionals who are well-rounded and capable of maintaining the game's vibrancy. 

The academy strives to establish an academy that accommodates categories from 4 - 23 years old to meet its objective and goals of generating the best talents for professional league clubs domestically and internationally with young players.

Cheza Sports is located in the South B neighborhood and primarily uses the Railway Training Institute (R.T.I.) playground. These facilities are perfect for our program; we provide football scholarships to gifted players from Mukuru slums who come from less privileged households.

Additional funding is encouraged to build a solid capital base for the academy.

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8. Nakuru West Youth Soccer Association

The Nakuru West Youth Soccer Association is a Nakuru-based soccer academy established in 2015. Based in Nakuru, Kenya, NWYSA mentors children between 6 and 16. Its principal goal is to use soccer to promote change and address youth-related social issues. 

These issues include drug misuse, immature sexual behavior, juvenile delinquency, and other illegal activities. It is a volunteer-driven enterprise whose continued operation depends heavily on funders and well-wishers. 


9. Michezo Academy

To hone their skills with the top coaches, the best of the best will train at our elite sports academy. Our first-ever resident camp is scheduled to begin in November 2017 with soccer for ages 10 and 13 and volleyball.

A division of Michezo Afrika Limited, Michezo Academy now has 40 students from the neighborhood. To cultivate and advance their talent. the transition rate from primary school to high school should be increased from 20% to 40%.

10. Star Soccer Academy 

Rashid Shedu, a former player and current coach of the Harambee Stars of Kenya's national soccer team, founded the community-based Star Soccer Academy. Shedu has a wealth of knowledge on coaching youth football with him because he served as the head coach of the national U17, U20, and U23 teams and the Harambee stars' assistant coach. 

He is a role model and father figure to the rising footballers. In addition to traveling throughout Africa and beyond as a player and coach, he has accomplished much through football. He now wants to leverage his achievements, knowledge, experience, and credentials to raise the bar for soccer at all levels. 


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