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How to Search and Get Scholarship In Nigeria to Study Abroad

Studying abroad allows you to learn about yourself while experiencing a new culture. However, living alone in a strange environment can be intimidating and test your capacity to adjust to unique circumstances and handle problems.

The beautiful things about Nigerians are the ability we have to survive in any situation, so that'll surely be a walkover for you. In addition, these scholarships bud into work opportunities when done with your program of study. 

This explains why so many Nigerians are currently studying abroad. Here is a guide on searching for and getting a scholarship abroad.

A Guide On How To Search For and  Get a Scholarship Abroad


Finding a scholarship for studying abroad is the first step in getting one. Find out whether any subject-specific scholarships are available from the university or inquire about international scholarships by contacting the universities you are applying to.

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Be Eligible

If you've located a scholarship, confirm that you are eligible. Check and double-check the requirements before applying for a scholarship because there is only sense if you meet them. Any time used to apply for a scholarship you are ineligible for is time lost.


Research the scholarship and its provider as soon as you locate one for which you are eligible. Find out what they seek in candidates. For example, are they interested in younger candidates with a flair for entrepreneurship? Or are they seeking candidates with strong ties to a specific charity? This kind of information must be discovered. 

You can get this information or answers through the scholarship site you're applying for.



Now is the time to sit down with a pen and paper and complete the application. Use the research you've already done as a checklist to check off everything the scholarship provider is looking for and then provide supporting information for each item.

Try Again

It's unlikely that you'll get the first scholarship you apply for. Therefore, applying for multiple positions at once is a good idea. Remember that the enormous scholarships are competitive, so don't pin all your expectations on them. 

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Things To Know About Study-Abroad Scholarships

However, It's essential to remember that only a small number of scholarships will pay your tuition and living expenses; as a result, you're better off applying for several smaller scholarships to boost your chances of receiving at least some funding for your study abroad adventure.


Many of you will need financial assistance to cover the cost of your International education. A scholarship may represent the difference between studying and not studying for certain people. On the other hand, some use it to cover living expenses and have a little extra money to enjoy their time as students.


Many scholarships are available; not all need you to demonstrate your exceptional academic ability. Yet, they are very competitive. So, how can you ensure that you receive the scholarship or bursary that you are entitled to?

Even though it might seem backward, you should know that you can pay for your tuition and travel costs without a grant; however, if you pay off your loan from a nearby bank or have additional spending money if you receive a commission.

Also, You must pay to study. Even if you're fortunate enough to receive a highly coveted full scholarship, you'll still need to come up with the money for your travel, lodging, meals, books, health insurance, phone bills, and entertainment.

Many websites provide a comprehensive list of scholarships, including those given out by private foundations (like the Fulbright scholarship) or governmental organizations in the country of the recipient or your own (like the British Council) (such as the Department of Education). 

To determine if you qualify, carefully check the requirements; many include age, nationality, or course requirements. It's worthwhile to apply, even if you receive a little grant to help with the cost of your books. Then, when you are there, you won't have to worry about it as much!


Make a list of all the scholarships for which you are qualified. Ensure you have all the necessary supporting documentation and have someone else review your supporting essay or letter. It's always beneficial to hear another perspective.


Feel free to write a letter or essay if the application asks you to explain why you deserve the scholarship. Include your noteworthy accomplishments, including awards, community service, career experience, and academic scores.

At least 18 months before you begin your degree, you should start thinking about your finances. But, you only have a limited time window to apply for a course-specific scholarship once you've been accepted onto the program. Hence, meet your deadline and contact the university's foreign office and StudyLink counselor.

The scholarship offer or agreement is proof of money when applying for a visa. However, if none of those applications are successful, don't give up hope. There are additional options for funding your education. Also worth investigating are student loans, assistance from friends and family, and corporate sponsorships.

Lastly, The phrase "guaranteed scholarship" does not exist. Therefore, a scholarship application fee should never be required. Unfortunately, however, some shady scholarship providers will take your money and vanish.

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