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Top 10 US Government Scholarship for international students

Do you want to begin your educational journey in the USA? Happy news For international students, the United States of America offers a variety of scholarships. This article will detail the scholarships available at the best American universities, their advantages, and how to apply.

Top 10 US Government Scholarship for international students

For the academic year 2023–2024, top universities in the USA will offer more than 1100 scholarships to international students. These scholarships cover housing costs, tuition,  travel expenses, and health insurance in addition to an average monthly stipend of $2000.

Apply for fully funded scholarships to fulfil your dream of attending one of the best universities globally, such as Stanford University, the University of Memphis, Clark University, and Yale University in the United States.

In no particular order, we'll look at top US government scholarships to apply for before application closes- varies amongst scholarships but preferably before January 2023.

Fulbright Scholarships USA 

International students can receive fully funded scholarships through the Fulbright Program. These scholarships are only available for graduate and doctoral programs. 

The total cost of tuition, a living stipend, full housing costs, airfare, and health insurance are all taken care of by the Fulbright Foreign Student Program.

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University of Memphis Scholarships 

International students may apply for the University of Memphis Scholarship, which is fully funded. This scholarship is available for graduate and undergraduate studies. 

The scholarships range in value and pay the price difference between domestic and international tuition rates for non-Tennessee residents.

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Yale University Scholarships USA

International students can apply for the Yale University Scholarship, which is fully funded. Undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students are all eligible for this scholarship. 

The specific need-based scholarship at Yale is over $50,000, but it can be anywhere between a few hundred dollars and over $70,000 per year.

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Stanford University Scholarship 

The Stanford University Scholarship is a full-fee international student scholarship. Graduate and postdoctoral students are eligible for this award. 

This scholarship pays for all educational expenses, including travel, living expenses, and tuition. You can learn more by clicking here.

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Scholarship for the University of New Haven 

International students may apply for the University of New Haven Scholarship, which is fully funded. This scholarship is only available for master's degree programs. 

This scholarship will cover 75% of their graduate program's tuition, an hourly wage, and an opportunity for experiential learning. You can either apply for merit scholarships or private scholarships.

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Obama Foundation Scholars Program for Emerging Leaders

The Obama Foundation Scholars Program is a brand-new initiative from the Obama Foundation and the University of Chicago's Harris School of Public Policy for up-and-coming world leaders committed to a problem of international significance. 

The Scholars Program provides complete funding for students to pursue a one-year master of arts degree. Additionally, all travel expenses for conferences and volunteer work are fully covered.

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Scholarship for Emerging Global Leaders at American University

 American University awards one outstanding international undergraduate student the AU Emerging Global Leader Scholarship each year. 

The AU Emerging Global Leader is committed to bringing about positive social and civic change and returning home to help underdeveloped and underserved communities there. Upon maintaining a satisfactory GPA, the scholarship is renewable for four years of undergraduate study. 

The scholarship covers all expenses, including room and board and complete tuition.

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Georgetown University Scholarships for African Students

At Georgetown University, the Master of Science in Foreign Service (MSFS) program has begun awarding a bright graduate student from sub-Saharan Africa a full scholarship that covers tuition in the fall of 2014.

Georgetown University offers a two-year, full-time graduate program in international affairs, the MSFS. Applications from Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Nigeria, Senegal, and South Africa are given special consideration. You should know this before commencing the application process.

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Presidential LEEP Scholarships at Clark University for International Undergraduates

International students may receive scholarships from Clark University through the Liberal Education and Effective Practice Program (LEEP). For undergraduate students, the LEEP program combines a solid liberal arts education with genuine engagement in society and the workplace. 

There may be five scholarships given out. For four years, the scholarship covers all expenses for housing and food.

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AAUW International Fellowship for Women 

Women who are not citizens or lawful permanent residents of the United States may apply for an international fellowship from the American Association of University Women (AAUW) to pursue full-time study or research in the country.

Graduate and postgraduate study at accredited institutions in the United States is supported. By the time of application, candidates must have already applied to their desired institutions of higher learning and hold the equivalent of a bachelor's degree in the United States. 

Each year, the application period runs from August 1 to December 1. Five fellows may receive up to $18,000 to $30,000 each. Although the application window is closed, next year is just upon us. So have this in mind if you're interested.

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