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Ghana Holiday Gift Ideas

Paapa Santa Clause is coming to town so here are some fantastic returnee-owned Christmas gift ideas for your loved ones. Here are some unique gift ideas you could try out.

Ghana Holiday Gift Ideas

Interestingly, you can try out some "made-in-Ghana" Christmas gifts from the list below this festive season and into the new year.


Cards as Gift

If you don't feel comfortable handing away cash, consider giving out gift cards from supermarkets so the recipients can choose the products they want to buy.

Food like rice and oil are very much valued in this area because rice is so pricey. So, to complete their Christmas, include some chicken.

Top it all off. The goods are presented on exquisite batik fabric from Osei Duro. In addition, they are packaged in an eco-friendly box made of 100% recycled paper from Living Cards. Finally, the deal is even sweeter with FREE DELIVERY in Accra and Tema!

Christmas purchase in Odara

Its that the time of year to be glitzy, fa la la la la! So to complete your stylish holiday ensembles, head to Odara if you need any earrings, rings, necklaces, or bracelets. 

You can get incredibly stylish and reasonably priced gold-inspired, beaded, and pattern jewelry. Everything is enjoyable and modern, and their signature items will turn some heads. So please don't keep it to yourself; put together a few parts for a friend who would appreciate it.

Complex Cosmetics

Wherever you go this Christmas, you must slay! Ladies, you have to bring it with the smooth, matte skin, golden radiant highlights, and exploding lips to everything from parties to family gatherings to church to concerts. 

Ghanaian-owned cosmetics company offers reasonably priced high-end beauty products for contemporary African women, making it the ideal present for your mother, sister, girlfriend, wife, or coworker. They sell brushes, lashes, highlighters, and beauty blenders!

Cafe Sai Wine & Champagne

As we celebrate the conclusion of one year and the beginning of another, be cheerful and sip champagne while enjoying delectable fare! 


Show a date a good time while you talk about your plans for 2019 over a wide selection of fine wine and main meals, tapas, cheese, and meat plates in a charming and sophisticated environment.

Gather the family for supper out. A bottle of wine or champagne might be a pleasant surprise for a loved one.



People adore cash because they can accomplish so much with it. They'll be more appreciative than you could have anticipated, so trust me.  With money (Ghana cedi currency), you can't go wrong

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Booskie box


Toys are entertaining, but the best present is to instill a love of reading! This one is for youngsters; it's a remarkable collection of tales written by African authors for children aged 3 to 12. 

These books provide African youngsters with heroes and people that resemble them, which makes me happy and comforted. A Booskie Box of 3 makes a great holiday gift. 


Roasting shea nuts over an open flame, lol. Kaeme takes skincare seriously, as evidenced by the quality of the luxury brand, which includes an exceptional line of body butter and liquid black soap for skin and hair. 


Kaeme uses only natural ingredients and no artificial chemicals. As a result, popular scents for both men and women, such as Sandalwood, Goji Berry, and Ginger Lime, are, anding. 

Pick up a present for a unique man or woman. A few more stockists in Accra and Lagos and the supplier in Labone are also stocking the product. 

They provide Christmas gift ideas that can be challenging to find outside the usual fare of rice, chicken, Danish cookies, beverages, and oil. Every year, there are more people for whom you need to purchase gifts. 

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