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7 South Africa Family Christmas Ideas

Christmas is a Christian holiday that honors the birth of Jesus. Christian doctrine holds that He entered the world to die to atone for human sin.

Christians worldwide celebrate this time of year by attending church services that feature Christmas carol singing, nativity plays, and other festive activities.

Christmas is a joyous time of year in Africa, marked by numerous gatherings, feasts, and celebrations with loved ones. In addition, family and friends create memorable moments as they visit one another or vacation in various tourist attractions, hotels, and restaurants. 

7 South African Family Christmas Ideas

Christmas in Africa offers memorable experiences you cannot find anywhere else away from the festivities. The pleasant summer weather enhances the fun and food of this season's celebrations.

Schools are off during the Christmas break, and some people enjoy camping. But we can all agree that, aside from your zip code, there is nothing more thrilling than witnessing children's faces light up with the wonder of Christmas.

In Southern Africa, Christmas is primarily about family. South Africans place a strong emphasis on family. Hence, gatherings with the tribe frequently take center stage during the festive advent calendar. 

Their distinctive quality is hospitality, and they take great pride in celebrating holidays with festive foods. Many of their customs support the idea of preserving magic for future generations.

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Here are some fantastic ideas to enjoy your South African Christmas holiday

Candlelight carols

Sharing the experience of singing Christmas carols by candlelight is common in communities. This is an excellent opportunity for reflection, community, and meaning creation at this time of year and is especially beloved by kids. 


In addition, the renowned Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens are an excellent place for the family to appreciate nature. 

The organizers are dedicated to upholding the time-honored tradition during this particular COVID-19 period by streaming cherished memories of earlier occasions into the homes of prospective carollers.

Christmas Tree


This lovely tradition, a favorite among kids, officially heralds the beginning of the holiday season. Each family has a preferred date for decorating their home, typically by mid-December, even though the shops usually have their decorations up by November. 

This tradition is a vital precursor to the joyous holidays, whether it be a fake fir or an honest (sometimes messy) pine tree. Almost anything in your home, including books, ribbons, fabric, a ladder, egg cartons, and garden branches and sticks, can be used to create a Christmas tree.

Invite your loved ones over for a creative crafting session.

A Trip to the City of Bethlehem

The Bethlehem of the Free State is not one of the contenders, despite some controversy over whether the Bethlehem in Galilee or the Bethlehem near Jerusalem is the real Bethlehem where Jesus was born.


The Hebrew name Bethlehem, or "house of meat," refers to a region famous for its sheep and cattle. Bethlehem, South Africa, is located on the opposite side of the Rooiberg Mountains in a verdant valley next to the Liebenbergs River.

But besides its name and several monuments, museums, and historical sites, the town has little to offer Christmas-goers.

Minced pies


These rich shortbread tarts filled with spiced fruit mince are frequently served for morning or afternoon tea or as a warm dessert with vanilla ice cream. 

In the past, recipes did call for meat mince, but in modern times, beef suet is more of an exception than a rule. A word of caution: if you're tempted to steal something from the pantry, remember to dust off the icing sugar from your lips. 

Otherwise, before you can say "naughty" or "nice," you'll be exposed.

Soul Safari


It's always a good idea, especially around Christmas, to enjoy the joy of escaping to one of South Africa's many stunning safari parks. However, with the family, it is much more enjoyable. 

The ties that bind are strengthened, and the soul is soothed by endless rounds of "I spy" and wildlife spotting at the waterhole and cold beverages in the more excellent box. 

We salute that! Few holiday activities can match the upbeat vibe of a Christmas safari. The bush may be a little thicker, which adds to the peaceful setting in which the humor takes place. 

The safari elves are waiting to help you plan your Christmas safari. So don't be shocked when your safari guides dress in Santa hats for game drives around Christmas.

The "Lekker" Braai

Braai is a well-liked South African barbeque typically eaten outside in gardens or verandas by families. This practice is also referred to as braaing.


This time of year adds a special sparkle to this typical South African celebration of life. A bit more green and red napkins are available than at other times of the year, and the food is a bit more "lekker" (slang for "delicious").

For more significant family get-togethers, the "spit-braai," an actual splash-out BBQ experience, is perfect. Best enjoyed with a swim and a cold beverage of your choice. Come famished!

Thanksgiving dinner

Invite loved ones to help with the day's food, beverages, and decorations. It's only fitting that everyone cooperates to make Christmas a memorable occasion.


Your holiday menu will likely include turkey, gammon, and the ubiquitous trifle, the traditional pudding. You can include turkey, gammon, and the traditional trifle on your holiday menu.

Roast beef, turkey, duck, and beef sausage, known as boerewors, are additional delicacies consumed during this time of year. The meat is served with various vegetables, yellow rice, and Christmas pudding.

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