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11 Tips for Building a Morning Routine That Sets You Up for Success

The pleasant scent of coffee wakes you up early. You get a brief morning workout at home before cooking breakfast and starting your workday because you have additional time.

The ideal morning routine will improve your well-being and set you up for success. You can skip using social media and drink water while listening to a podcast as two things you can do to develop a morning routine that works for you. 

Whether you love getting up early or not, maintaining a healthy routine is essential to increasing productivity. A healthy morning routine boosts both well-being and productivity throughout the day. Are there ways you can establish a perfect morning routine for yourself? Well, let's find out.

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11 tips for a healthy morning routine to help you develop your efficient habit

From drinking water to avoid the snooze button, here are 11 tips to turn your morning routine from plain to fantastic. Here are 11 tips for a healthy morning routine to help you establish your efficient habit.


1. Get a good night's sleep

With 35.2% of all individuals in the United States reporting seven or fewer hours of sleep each night, a good night's rest is essential for productivity. Getting eight hours of sleep each night takes some forethought for many of us. 

When it comes to getting enough rest, there are a few suggestions. These are some examples:

  • Relax: Avoid vigorous activities such as exercise and heavy lifting towards the end of the day. Instead, take a warm bath to unwind or read a book to go to sleep.
  • Set a TV turnoff timer: Set a timer for turning off the television and other gadgets. Instead, curl up on the couch or bed with a hot cup of decaf tea.
  • Set your alarm clock this way: Set your alarm for eight hours or more after bed to ensure you get enough rest.

2. Do not use the snooze button.

Snooze buttons might be detrimental to your morning routine. Even if you only intended to slumber for another five minutes, a half-hour can easily pass. Avoid snoozing your alarm by creating a routine of waking up the first time it goes off. 

Among the ways to foster this behavior are:

  • Counting to five: If getting out of bed seems impossible, try counting to five. After five o'clock, force yourself out of bed and start your day.
  • Keeping slippers beside your bed: Slippers might simplify getting out of bed on cold mornings. Keep them at your nightstand so you can reach them easily.
  • Preparing your coffee machine: If you drink coffee, the aroma can stimulate you to get up. Set your gadget to make coffee for you when you wake up. 

Many of us have a habit of sleeping our alarms, but the best way to eliminate this habit is to build a better routine.  You are more likely to create a helpful habit if you have more time in the morning.

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3. Allow yourself sufficient time to begin working

Whether you commute or work from home, giving yourself enough time to mentally and physically prepare for the day is critical, especially if you're not a morning person.

Set a timer for when you will awaken and perform this. Choose an alarm time that will allow you to complete your daily routine, create new solid habits, and obtain eight hours of sleep.

Whatever time you choose to get up, leave adequate time for personal activities to avoid overworking yourself. 

4. Drink a full glass of water

Hydration is essential for your health and well-being. A healthy morning routine must include drinking water because you are more focused and productive when you feel well. 

Make it a routine to hydrate yourself when you first wake up by drinking a full glass of water. It's best to avoid forgetting before your morning cup of tea or coffee. This also prevents dehydration caused by caffeinated beverages.

5. Enjoy a cup of tea or coffee

While being hydrated is an essential aspect of a healthy habit, you should also enjoy it. This will simplify getting out of bed and increase the probability that your habit will stick.

Starting your day with a fresh coffee or tea might make it more pleasurable. Combining your morning coffee with an opportunity to spend time with your family, housemates, or pets is a winning combination. 

Similarly, you may use this time to take deep breaths and practice mindfulness before proceeding with the remainder of your morning routine.

6. Prepare a healthy breakfast

Prepare a nutritious breakfast with items that make you feel good to feed your inspiration and start your day correctly. Eating healthy may be less complicated than you think. For example, a fast bowl of oats or a quick smoothie can help your health without too much preparation. 

Since duty-like meal preparation in the middle of the day might disrupt productivity, meal prepping is an intelligent idea if you have the time. Please spend a few additional minutes in the morning gathering lunch items so they're ready to go when lunchtime arrives.

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7. Take advantage of self-care

Your happiness and well-being will increase if you start practicing self-care. This can include calming activities like reading a book or grooming routines like showering and using skincare items.


Although you should generally look for activities that make you feel good physically and mentally, how you define self-care will vary from person to person. Here are some suggestions for developing your self-care routine:

  • To unwind, take a hot bath or shower.
  • Use a face mask or apply your skincare products to care for your skin.
  • To get your brain ready for work, read a book you like.

Utilize self-care to promote a good work-life balance and lower the likelihood of burnout.

8. Fit in a quick workout

According to studies, physically active people look happier and at peace than those who are not. One of the numerous advantages of exercising is preventing depression; other advantages include promoting better sleep and vitality. 

In the morning, do some exercise to prevent mental drowsiness. Jogging around your neighborhood before work is one exercise you may attempt to increase your heart rate. In addition, watching the morning news while using a stationary bike can help you build core stability and reduce tension.

Whether you exercise frequently or only a few times a week, including exercise in your routine, will help you succeed. 

9. Say positive affirmations

Affirmations encourage a positive outlook and work to dispel self-limiting thoughts. Positive affirmations may inspire you to work hard and have confidence throughout the day when spoken in the morning. 

You might attempt affirmations such as, 

  • I am successful.
  • Everything I require is already within me.
  • I am confident.
  • I am powerful.
  • I wake up motivated.
  • Every day, I get better and better.
  • I am strong.

To build a more optimistic mindset, read these self-affirmations aloud or write them in your diary each morning. 

10. Meditate by taking deep breaths

Positive affirmations and meditation are complementary approaches to relaxing. If you'd rather have a relaxed routine, take some time to sit and breathe deeply. Combining your affirmations with a deep breathing practice like roll breathing can help you establish an effective regimen. 

For stress management, repeat your affirmations aloud while breathing or in your brain when you're relaxed.

11. Prioritize important tasks

Spend some time each morning analyzing and prioritizing your daily duties to help your thoughts transition from personal to business. This can be accomplished by using a to-do list or a personal planner.

 You should write out your main goals and deliverables for the day or enter them into a digital project management app like Zoho, Kissflow, ClickUp, etc. Create a more reasonable plan by prioritizing each item and listing them individually.

Thinking about these things, your mind may smoothly move from a soothing habit to an effective workplace.


Morning routines might be the difference between a good and a fantastic day. Because your productivity begins when you get up, developing healthy habits is critical to a productive workday.

Your priorities—from eating a healthy breakfast to exercising or reading—have the power to alter your point of view. Choose a schedule that promotes happiness, prepares you to perform critical activities, fosters a flow state, and helps you maintain a work-life balance. 

Try software like ClickUp, Zoho, etc., that help measure, manage, and organize your tasks to boost productivity. 


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