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How to Create a Self-Care Routine That Works for You

I believe self-care should be practiced daily. But, like you have your bath and eat every day, self-care should not be exempted. But I also understand that this may sometimes be unreal to achieve.

This is why I urge you to establish a quick, practical self-care regimen that you can undertake at any time of the day. It won't take you hours to complete. Your self-care routine can be as short as 10 minutes. Yes, you read that right. This sounds more achievable. 

Self-care routine is something that should be easy. It is as simple as getting your hair or nails done, walking in the park, reading a book, or seeing a movie. Creating a self-care routine is essential to maintaining good mental and physical health. It is a practice everyone should be involved in.

You can adapt the methods listed below to develop a self-care practice that is effective for you

1. Identify your needs and goals

Make a list of the things that help you feel happy, healthy, and energized in a journal, diary, or note. This could include exercise, meditation, spending time with loved ones, seeing a movie, getting a relaxation massage at the spa, and hanging out with friends. 

Identify the specific goals you want to achieve through your self-care routine, and this can. Come in the form of relieving stress, improving sleep time/ quality, or just making yourself happier.

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2. Set aside dedicated time

 Make self-care a priority by scheduling aside time each day or each week and then keeping to that schedule. Setting aside some self-care time and putting it in your schedule would be important.

3. Choose activities you enjoy

Self-care activities should be enjoyable and fulfilling, unlike what makes you feel like a chore. Choose activities that you genuinely anticipate and that always make you feel good.

4. Experiment with different activities

 There is no harm in trying out new things. Try new things and experiment with self-care practices to determine what works best. These activities are more effective than others in achieving your goals.

5. Incorporate self-care into your daily routine

To keep on track, add little self-care activities to your daily schedule, such as setting aside a short period each morning for meditation, stretching, or reading a book before bed.

6. Be consistent

Consistency is crucial to self-care. Make it a habit to prioritize your self-care routine, even when you feel busy or stressed. Don't go about postponing and lazying about your schedule.

7. Hold yourself accountable

 Hold yourself responsible for sticking to your self-care routine. If you are skipping self-care activities or falling behind on your goals, take a step back and reassess what needs to be fixed. Adjust your routine as necessary to better align with your needs and goals.

8. Be kind to yourself

Self-care is about treating yourself with kindness and compassion. Stay calm if you miss a day or fall short of your goals. Instead, practice self-compassion and acknowledge that setbacks are a natural part of the process.

9. Surround yourself with supportive people

People who will inspire and aid you in practicing self-care should be in your immediate vicinity. Share your goals and progress with friends or family members who will uplift and motivate you.

10. Regularly reevaluate your routine

Assess your self-care routine to ensure it reaches your needs and goals. As your life changes, your self-care way may need to be adjusted. Be open to adapting to necessary changes to maintain a sustainable and effective routine.

11. Please don't neglect your basic needs

While it's important to incorporate self-care activities into your routine, don't neglect your basic needs like sleep, hydration, and nutrition. The most crucial aspect of your self-care is maintaining your physical health.

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12. Celebrate your progress

Celebrate your progress and successes along the way. Recognize the positive impact that your self-care routine is having on your life and feel proud of the effort you're putting in.

Creating a self-care routine takes time and effort, but it's a worthwhile investment in your health and well-being. Being intentional and consistent in your self-care practices can improve your life quality and aid you in better cope with stress and challenges.

Excellence Chukwuma Chukwunaedu

Excellence Chukwuma Chukwunaedu

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