Current Date: 22 Feb, 2024

XRP Ledger Hits Record 5.02 Million Wallets

Notable figures, including Chris Larsen, executive chairman at Ripple Labs, contribute to the growing list of top XRP Ledger investors. Santiment disclosed in the post that the XRP Ledger (XRPL) had surpassed a noteworthy achievement by amassing 5.02 million unique wallets.


More precisely, these wallets contain XRP coins with a balance other than zero. This amount represents an all-time peak in the XRP Ledger’s more than a decade of public trading, as disclosed.

In addition, over the past three years, the number of wallets holding non-zero XRP balances has increased by more than twofold, according to Santiment. More precisely, there has been a 104% surge in this tally since February 10, 2021.

It is noteworthy that the acceleration of the growth rate of XRP holders did not initiate in 2021.

Since May 29, 2019, the number of cryptocurrency wallets with balances exceeding zero XRP has trebled, per the market intelligence platform. Over the past five years, the number of crypto enthusiasts holding XRP has increased by more than 300 percent.

Notably, information from XRPL’s renowned explorer validated the conclusions drawn in Santiment, suggesting that the current count of active XRP wallets stands at 5,031,350.

The wallets in question contain a combined total of 99.98 billion XRP, which accounts for $53 billion in the fully diluted valuation.

An Analysis of XRP Ledger Holders

Unbelievably, 59.46 billion XRP tokens are circulated, whereas over 40 billion XRP tokens are held in escrow. A remarkable 12,057,586 XRP tokens have also been eliminated from circulation due to burning induced by transaction fees.

Furthermore, according to XRPScan data, Ripple owns the twelfth largest XRP wallet. Significant XRP holdings are additionally ascribed to wallets on Binance, UPbit, Uphold, and Kraken, in addition to Ripple.

A notable individual included in the list of the top 50 XRP investors is Chris Larsen, who holds the position of executive chairman at Ripple Labs. Larsen maintains control over more than two billion XRP across five addresses.

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