Current Date: 2 Apr, 2023

Witness says recent ethnic clashes in Ethiopia have killed dozens

The most recent fighting between the Oromo and Amhara ethnic groups in central Ethiopia is allegedly responsible for the deaths of several dozen civilians and fighters.


Witness says recent ethnic clashes in Ethiopia have killed dozens

A fight broke out in Jewuha town on Saturday, with more than 20 Amhara special forces members killed in an attack by fighters believed to be with the Oromo Liberation Army.


This was confirmed by a witness who spoke to The Associated Press under the condition of anonymity out of fear of retaliation. Three civilians were also buried, according to the witness.


According to the witness, there is now fighting in other towns. "Several dozen" bodies had been gathered, according to another witness in Jewuha who was involved in burials.


A witness in the Amhara region's Ataye town claimed that clashes between the OLA and Amhara special forces were still happening and that thousands of civilians were escaping. A doctor at Shewa Robit hospital says the facility has received "several people's" bodies since Monday, in addition to some victims with severe wounds.


Assemblies of the federal army, federal police, and Amhara regional forces were attempting to control the situation, according to the Amhara provincial government, which confirmed the clashes on Wednesday.


When contacted, a spokesman for the federal police didn't answer. Then, finally, Legesse Tulu, a government spokesman for Ethiopia, hung up. There is a fierce rivalry between some Amharas and Oromos, two of Ethiopia's largest ethnic groups, over recent and historical grievances.


As a result, Amhara militias have mobilized due to Amharas being targeted in various locations throughout the neighboring Oromia region. Amharas are alleged to have targeted Oromos in deadly attacks. 


According to a statement released by the Oromo Legacy Leadership and Advocacy Association this week, "the Ethiopian federal government must protect its citizens under international law."

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