Current Date: 3 Oct, 2023

Which Cryptocurrency Is Pumping Fastest & Rising Better

Over the last few days, a vast majority of assets on the crypto market traded green for the first time in a while. While some are slowly recovering with 2-3% increases, other currencies have recorded 50-100% surges and brought some solid profits to investors.

The currencies that captured traders’ attention are XRPand ETH. Both experienced a lot in September, and it seems inevitable that some huge price fluctuations are coming.

With that said, there is another token that has been pumping even faster than these two – Tamadoge 


Which Cryptocurrency Is Pumping Fastest & Rising Better

 Tamadoge Outperforming Leading Altcoins and Announces New Listing (LBank)

With a new listing secured, the words slow down are not in Tamadoge’s dictionary.

The project made headlines when it raised $19 million in presale weeks before the target date; then, it was revealed that the first listing would be on the OKX exchange.

It was officially released on September 27th on OKX, and investors went crazy for it, especially in the first few hours when TAMA was flying above the $0.05 mark.

There’s already lots of hype surrounding Tamadoge, and this new listing will only give an additional boost. Experts say that Tamadoges’ new listing will provide an extra boost, which could even result in 10-50x gains by the end of October.

CoinMarketCap  has shared a list of the most trending coins on the platform over the last few days, and Tamadoge nailed the 4th spot, right after LUNC, BTC, and IUX.

Since it launched its presale, investors have been all over Tamadoge and boasting its potential to dethrone Dogecoin and Shiba Inu.

This is possible because neither DOGE nor SHIBA offers a fraction of what Tamadoge does. Plus, TAMA fixes some of their main issues like limited utility and high supply.

Notably, Tamadoge was KYC’d by CoinSniper and audited by SolidProof, meaning there’s no “rug pull” danger to worry about.

Nonetheless, crypto investors seem sure that the future for ETH is bullish and that huge gains will occur by year-end.

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