Current Date: 2 Oct, 2023

US Envoy, Sonaiya And Others Blame Nigeria’s Leadership Woes On Bad Politics

Oby Ezekwesili, Nigeria’s former Minister of Education,  has described the country as outstanding in potential but lacking in a sound leadership system.


US Envoy, Sonaiya And Others Blame Nigeria’s Leadership Woes On Bad Politics

Oby, who spoke at the 2022 graduation ceremony of the School of Politics, Policy, and Governance (SPPG) in Abuja Weekend, blamed the woes of the leadership on what she described as distortions in the political culture.

to her, until political leaders shun egotism and adopt a new leadership mindset, the socio-political and economic growth within the country will continue to be hindered.

Besides, the ex-presidential candidate said authentic leadership should be viewed from the perception of rendering services to the people rather than turning the people into servitude victims.

She said, according to research on ‘FixPolitics,’ they found that not just in Nigeria but across Africa, the political culture is distorted. It is the political culture where those in public leadership subordinate the public good, that is, the common good, for their personal interests.

And what this means is that the common good is not served by people who should be serving. Therefore, to correct that, you must customize a new leadership mindset.

Similarly, the United States Ambassador to Nigeria, Mary Beth Leonard, urged Nigerians to thoroughly interrogate the programs of those running for political offices in 2023.


US Envoy, Sonaiya And Others Blame Nigeria’s Leadership Woes On Bad Politics

Above all, Beth-Leonard canvassed holding the new political leaders that will emerge after the 2023 polls accountable as a solution to Nigeria’s leadership challenges.

Prof. Oluremi Sonaiya, speaking on the theme of the event, ‘Designing Our Global Future with Africa in Mind,’ a former presidential candidate of KOWA Party, condemned the constant borrowings by the Federal Government, cautioning that the country’s rising debts would hinder its quest for peace and prosperity.

According to her, the time for African countries, including Nigeria, to sit and begin to work towards a more inclusive, more equitable global system to be accorded greater rigor and speak with a much stronger and more authoritative voice on global issues, and contribute its part to fashion a common future of prosperity and peace for all has come.

But then, how could that happen if we continue to be the ones constantly needing aid and forever seeking loans and grants from donors? She asked. 

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