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Whether you are looking to know about the accommodation, food and drinks, if pets are allowed, places to visit, currency and cards, local customs, communication, visa and entry, or why you should visit Seychelles, then look through this guide as it brings some info you need to know for your Seychelles holiday!



Seychelles being the oldest ocean island is a micro-continent that was initially isolated millions of years ago. Possessing its fauna and flora from which man and all land mammals were not present.

Human history in Seychelles began a few hundred years ago. The first recorded landing here was by a landing party of a few English sailors in 1609.

The English sailors left England in March the year before. Them stumbling upon Seychelles was by accident. This became an accident they were glad they did. The boatswain stated the islands were "an earthly Paradise".

Seychellois are glad of their amazing country and happy to share it with visitors. They love to create delicious creole dishes, make music, talk and open their homes to those they have come to know.

The natural state of Seychelles is what appeals to visitors in search of unrivalled natural beauty and a stress-free environment to come here.

A lot of changes have been done to the landscape since 1609, but its beauty spots still make it to fit the description of "an earthly Paradise".

Places to Visit

Each of the numerous Seychelles islands that welcome tourists has its own unique attractions. Here are some of them


It is more developed and commercial than the other granitic islands. It has some outstanding forests and beaches. It has an added advantage of cultural and art attractions.


If the only time you have is to visit one island, then this is it. Asides from its beaches bordered with granite boulders, it has another attraction, "Vallée de Mai". This is a breathtaking dense palm forest which is the home of the unique love nut (coco de mer).

La Digue Is a good location for fashion shoots. You can explore the inland trails on an ox-cart or by bike. Outer Islands The outer Islands of Desroches, Denis, Alphonse and Bird are magnificent for getting away from it all.

Some islands have their personal luxury resorts, but they have been carefully developed to preserve the environment. With facilities for deep sea fishing, birdwatching, sailing, snorkelling and diving, among other activities.

Currency and cards

The currency used in Seychelles is the rupee (SCR). Tourists can also pay in Euros or US Dollars. Credit cards can also be used for making payments. ATMs are available in Praslin and Mahé.


+248 is the international country code for Seychelles.

The telecommunications system here is quite developed 

A visa is not required for nationals of the UK, US, Australia, Canada, Europe, and Japan as long as you have: an onward or return ticket, a valid passport, and proof of sufficient funds.

You might also be demanded to provide proof of the accommodation that you've secured in the country.

For people from the above-mentioned countries, a visitor's permit, which is valid for up to one month, will be given upon arrival. This permit may be renewed as long as you have a valid open return ticket and reapply at least a week before the permit expires. 

People from other countries are advised to contact their embassy to enquire about visa requirements. International calls are made through satellites. Communication between each island and the African coast is via the radio.

Luxury accommodations and remote accommodations offer telephone, internet connectivity and fax facilities.

Local Customs

The local people in this country live a simple island life. Tourism is controlled carefully so that the natural beauty and charm of the island are undisturbed and preserved. Shaking hands is a form of greeting for both genders (men and women). Seychellois are very hospitable, and they love inviting guests to their homes.

If you are lucky to be invited to a house, it's normal to take a simple gift. Casual wear with formal clothes is essential. Revealing clothes and swimwear should only be worn by the pool or on the beaches.

Visa and entry

A visa is not needed for nationals of Europe, Japan, Australia, the UK, Canada and the US. All you need is to have: proof of sufficient funds, a valid passport and a return or onward ticket.

You may as well be required to come with proof of accommodation you sorted out for your entire stay. Nationals of these countries stated above will, however, receive a visitor's permit, with the validity of one month, on arrival. 

This permit can be renewed if you so wish, but you are needed to hold an open return ticket that is valid. In case there is an interest in renewing, you should apply at least one week before the initial permit expires.

Nationals of every other country are advised to reach out to their embassy for visa requirements.

Can you bring animals (pets) into Seychelle?

Animals can only be brought into Seychelles if they are staying for more than six months. Entry with pets requires authorization by the veterinary office.

Depending upon the country of Origin, the animal must be quarantined for two weeks–6 months before access will be granted. Bringing birds into the country is prohibited. Note To be able to bring animals into the country, the following are required :

  • Valid vaccination certificate that has proof of rabies vaccination
  • Animal health certificate

Seychelles food and drinks

The island has a variety of tropical fruits like crambole, mango, papaya and banana. Fruit juices are popular. The staples are rice and fish. They also have a large variety of fresh seafood. Seybrew is the local beer.

Seychelles accommodation

Seychelles has lots of options for accommodation. There are ultra expensive and ultra plush resorts, self-catering apartments and cheaper guesthouses. You camp on any part of the island.

Why Go To Seychelles?

If you desire a peaceful holiday or you are dreaming of a remote island that is crowd-free with a tranquil aura and bright blue waters. Then Seychelles is the place for you.

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