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UK prime minister promises revised trade measures to benefit Commonwealth

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his wife Carrie Johnson arrive for the Heads of Government Banquet, hosted by President Kagame of Rwanda, on the union of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting. 

Held on June 23, 2022, in Kigali, Rwanda. the British prime minister Boris Johnson says his country will support the development of clean energy among Commonwealth nations, announcing a package with the potential to create over 180 000 jobs and cut carbon emissions. 

UK prime minister promises revised trade measures to benefit Commonwealth

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Thursday promised a raft of revised trade measures to benefit countries of the Commonwealth.
Addressing the Commonwealth Business Forum in Kigali, Rwanda on Thursday, Boris said the British International Investment would put £160 million into hydropower in Africa, generating electricity for 3 million people.

"The British International Investment is putting £160 million into hydropower in Africa, creating 180,000 jobs, including here in Rwanda, while at the same time cutting carbon emissions, generating electricity for 3 million people," said Johnson. They are expected to launch a new preferential trade system for 65 developing countries including Rwanda and 17 other Commonwealth members although Rwanda is the first on the list.


The two countries are currently locked in a deal where the United Kingdom will deport asylum seekers to the African country. Johnson announced the new trade policy during the closing ceremony of the Commonwealth Business Forum in Kigali and is expected to take effect on July 6. 

He also lauded the African Continental Free Trade Area, a new green industrial revolution that he said could generate more capital than Africa could ever receive in international aid and also deliver prosperity from the green economy.

Leaders of Commonwealth nations are expected to call for increased climate action at the meeting in Rwanda as climate change remains a major concern for the bloc. Many have been affected by recent, severe weather events including heatwaves, droughts, cyclones, and floods. 

Adding to his speech, Johnson said that this move is an attempt to get rid of “pointless” tariffs that are vexatious and cost more to collect than the revenues derived from them.

“We've done Australia. We've done New Zealand. We're going to do a deal with India by Diwali. We've signed free trade or economic partnership agreements with 33 of our Commonwealth friends, so far, and through the Trans-Pacific Partnership, we're aiming for new deals with Malaysia and Brunei,” he said.

“And what I feel so strongly about the Commonwealth is it's not just about imports and exports – it's about the partnerships we build. It's about doing more together to ensure that everyone prospers from the new green industrial revolution,” Johnson said while speaking at the close of a business forum ahead of the special meeting of the Heads of Government on Friday.

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