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Top 7 best football academies in Africa(Updated)

Professional football academies intend to assist young players in gaining what it takes to become relevant in the game, education and day-to-day life.

Getting into an academy like this is a tough and long path though players are willing to go through with this to fulfil their ambition. Here is a curation of the seven best football academies in Africa.

Pepsi Football Academy – Nigeria 


Pepsi Football Academy, established by coach Kashimawo Laloko in November 1992, is among Nigeria's most reputable academies based in Lagos and other states.

The Pepsi football academy gives large opportunities for talented young footballers in the country, focused on developing them into professionals.

Since it's on-set, it has created several celebrated and gifted graduates. 

Mohammed VI Academy – Morocco 


This is a football academy based in Morocco founded in 2008 and opened in 2009 by King Mohammed VI. Its mission is to train students in the football profession to improve their talent.

MimoSifcom Academy – Ivory Coast


This academy was founded by Jean-Marc Guillou in 1993. Many of the club's young players go on to represent them when they reach the right age.

The academy has been applauded around the world as they merge education with sporting growth. This enhances them to teach their players' skills asides from football so as to ensure there is little threat to their future. They are great at football training.

Since the inception of the academy, it has persisted in being one of the most known football schools in Ivory Coast and Africa. 

Kwara Football Academy – Nigeria


Kwara Football Academy was an initiative of the Kwara State Governor, Dr Bukola Saraki, in 2005.

Since the academy's establishment, its focus has been on youth development and is open to all, irrespective of place of origin.

The academy provides an outstanding and conducive environment to keep youths away from drugs, brutality and other harmful activities. It is focused on training footballers in the age range 13–21.

Kwara football academy has been able to grow players who were a vital part of the World Cup winning team U17 in United Arab Emirates, Ahmed Abdul Taofiq.

Generation Foot Academy – Senegal


Generation Foot Academy, founded in 2000, is an association football club in Dakar, Senegal. The academy has developed a habit of grooming its youth to reach levels that would have been individually difficult for them to reach.

The academy was put up to give back to the community and give strength to the Senegalese society. Their players compete in various tournaments both in Africa and outside Africa.

West African Football Academy– Ghana


West African Football Academy, based in Ghana, is a professional football club founded by Feyenoord club by Rotterdam President Jorien Van den Herik on 23rd October 1999.

In August 2014, Feyenoord, as formally known, was renamed West African Football Academy.

The objective of this academy is to raise a structure to nurture talented young African Football players on educational as well as technical levels. 

Ligi Ndogo Academy – Kenya


Ligi Ndogo Academy, established in January 2002 in Nairobi, Kenya, was built to develop young Kenyan talents. It is the most famous football academy in Kenya and spans a 4-acre plot which offers an exciting learning experience.

Teams from this academy contest in National and International competitions.

Which country in Africa has the best Football Academy?

Nigeria in general has the best football academies and those academies have gone ahead to produce international stars like JJ Okocha, Kano Nwankwo, and Michel Obi etc.

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