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Seychelles is an Island nation located in the Indian nation, off East Africa. It has a total of 115 Islands. It is home to nature reserves, rare animals, coral reefs and numerous beaches.

This African country is the least populated on the continent. The nation might be small, but it is amazing, with unique and beautiful neighbourhoods worth visiting as well as staying if you so desire. Let's explore the five best neighbourhoods in this wonderful country.

Best Part Of Seychelles To Stay 

1. Victoria

This is the capital of Seychelles, known to be home to the best galleries and museums on the Islands.

It's safe to say Victoria is the republic's cultural and business hub featuring various attractions like the most famous Seychelles market, which is the Sir Selwyn Selwyn Clarke Market, the courthouse, the Botanical Gardens, the Natural History Museum, the National museum of history and the modelled clocktower on Little Ben in London. 

These all serve as a hotspot for Seychellois and might also do the same for you. It has a tropical rainforest climate. This city is great for day trips.

2. Beau Vallon

The climate here is windy, mostly cloudy, warm and oppressive.

Beau Vallon has coral reefs and clear waters, which is good for water sports like boating, snorkelling, fishing and scuba diving, as well as for swimming.

The Beau Vallon beach is one of the longest in Seychelles, with spectacular sunset views. It is a deal for adventure seekers or leisure lovers.

It is considered the most popular beach on the Island. This exceptional place consists of several restaurants, shops and hotels. Most people visiting Seychelles stay here.

It is easy to get to Beau Vallon from Victoria either by using a car, taxi or bus.

3. Praslin

The temperature on this captivating Island is pleasant all year round, and it has a tropical island triad of sand, sun and sea. Praslin has a tropical forest with birds like Seychelles, black parrots and endemic Seychelles bulbul. 

It has quite a number of beaches. Its Anse Lazio beach is one of the world's most famous beaches.

Praslin National Park is home to the Island's rare, native and endemic plants and birds. Vegetables (tomatoes in particular) and Vanilla are grown here. You can get around Praslin on public buses, but using a rental car is the most convenient way to get around.

La Digue is just 8 miles away from Praslin. There are boat charters that can take you deep-sea fishing and also give you an unbelievable view. Praslin is great for nature lovers.

4. La Digue

La Digue, a 20 minutes boat ride from Praslin, has the third highest population in Seychelles. Its land area is the fourth largest.

The magnificent La Digue consists of tropical scenery, nostalgic idyll, and serenity. Your location for a great photo opportunity is definitely this marvellous Island. Its temperature is warm but gets colder at night.

This Neighbourhood has diverse wildlife. La Digue natural compositions are palm trees, granites and sand. This makes it appealing to tourists and advertising companies for luxury or fashion goods.

It is known as bicycle Island, as using a bike is the greatest way to get around.

5. Mahé

It is the largest on Seychelles Island. 86% of the Seychelles population lives in Mahe. Mahé is home to craft shops, Seychelles' governmental and administrative centre, sports stadia, a university, 

TV and radio stations, a trading and fishing port, as well as large Seychellois companies like tuna fishery and the Seybrew Brewery.

Getting around is best with taxis, buses or rental cars. Mahé is mountainous. Mahé is the location of Seychelles' only international airport.

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