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An insurance company is a financial institution that offers a range of Insurance policies so as to protect businesses and individuals against the risk of financial losses.

This protection can only be offered in exchange for regular payment of a fee called PREMIUM. Insurance companies are either set up for profit, non-profit or government-owned.

Insurance companies in Seychelles offer fleet insurance, motorcycle insurance, personal InsuranceInsurance, marine/yacht insurance, taxi insurance, car hire insurance, home insurance, motor insurance, commercial InsuranceInsurance, van insurance and lots more.

Below is a listicle of 5 top Insurance Companies In Seychelles.

1. H.Savy Insurance Co.Ltd

H Savy Insurance is a major insurance provider that is highly customer focused. It is rated among the best insurance companies in Seychelles. Its process time is non-lengthy and fast.

They offer a comprehensive range of services that includes :  

  • Vehicle insurance  
  • Marine cargo 
  • Life insurance 
  • Motor vehicle insurance 
  • Accident insurance.

Location : 9FJ3+332, Maison La Rosiere, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles, Palm St, Victoria, Seychelles.

Open : Monday – Thursday; 8:00am - 3:30pm 
           Saturday – Sunday     Closed

Call : +248 428 0 400

2. Sacos Group Ltd

Sacos Group has years of expertise in the insurance industry. They also have a rich history as well as an understanding of the local insurance market. 

This company's success has been recorded to be due to versatility and adaptability and the commitment to continuously reinvent themselves in a small but competitive and dynamic industry.

They are known to provide value for money and are one of the best on the Island. They've been in business for a little more than 7+ years. Sacos Group offer an expansive range of services which includes    

An INSURANCE BROKER that offers : 

  • Vehicle insurance  
  • Health insurance  
  • Life insurance  
  • Commercial Insurance

It also has an INSURANCE COMPANY that offers :   

  • Travel Insurance 
  • Personal accident 
  • Motor private insurance 
  • Life assurance plans 
  • Home (Private Property) Insurance 
  • Health Insurance 
  • Education plan 
  • Credit Protection Insurance 
  • Education Insurance 
  • Mortgage Insurance 
  • Property Insurance

Location: Maison Esplanade, Victoria, Seychelles.

Open : Monday – Friday      8:30am - 4pm
           Saturday – Sunday  Closed

Call : +248 4 295 000

3. Alliance Insurance

This Insurance company provides insurance products with value pricing that provides quality protection for its clients. According to the company, they wish to establish successful partnerships with staff, clients and insurance intermediaries.

Alliance Insurance is believed to have the ability to meet or exceed expectations on service, price and expertise. They provide InsuranceInsurance in the following areas :

  • Home Insurance 
  • Motor Insurance 
  • Fire and Special Perils 
  • Burglary 
  • Public Liability 
  • Professional Indemnity 
  • Contractors all risk 
  • Marine Cargo 
  • Group Personal accident 
  • Crash Insurance

Location: Kanna Mall, #201, 2nd Floor, Albert Street, Victoria, Seychelles

Open : Monday – Friday     8:30am -4:30pm
           Saturday – Sunday Closed

Call : +248 4 225 858

4. Atlas Life

This is a privately owned international life insurance company that offers high-value life cover. It offers services to clients in over 130 countries worldwide.

They reinsure risk with two of the largest reinsurers in the world, which is the Reinsurance Group of America and Swiss Re. They utilise their financial strength and stability.

Services provided at Atlas life :

Life insurance

Location: 108 Premier Building Victoria Mahe, Seychelles

Open : Monday – Friday     8:30am - 5pm
           Saturday – Sunday Closed

Call : +248 4 321 480

5. Keystone Brokers (Pty) Ltd 

Keystone Brokers provide insurance brokerage services to ensure clients get the best deal and also value for their general insurance needs. This great company also pays good attention to life insurance options to safeguard a customer's and family's interests.

Keystone Brokers provides good services in :

  • Vehicle insurance 
  • Mortgage Insurance 
  • Commercial InsuranceInsurance 
  • Life insurance 
  • General liability insurance

Location: Panorama Road, Mare Anglaise, Seychelles

Open : Monday – Friday; 8:30am - 2:30pm
           Saturday – Sunday Closed

Call : +248 2 711 511

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