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Top 20 Funniest Easter Jokes

Easter is one of our favorite occasions to get together with loved ones. It's a joyful (and stylish!) day for all, with the church, brunch, and Easter egg hunt. 

With these amusing Easter jokes in your arsenal, you'll always have something to light up a room. In addition, Easter is an excellent time for family portraits because everyone is dressed to impress for Sunday.

Children usually appreciate a good joke for kids, whether it's a knock-knock joke, a one-liner, or a dad joke. Oh, wait, that's completely untrue. It's even better despite their grumbling, complaining, and shaking heads. 

Top 20 Funniest Easter Jokes

You may ask when would be an excellent opportunity to use a pun, when they least expect it, during your Easter celebration. Of course, they won't be aware that a cheesy joke is about to be delivered; they'll be dressed to impress and prepared with their baskets.

One can be brought up at Easter dinner to start a conversation. Likewise, you can attempt to use one during an Easter game to divert attention so that you can win.

You can provide one to encourage the older kids to calm down and let the younger children find a few eggs during an Easter egg search. But, of course, you might be perceived as being oh-so-corny at the time you choose to tell. You are a great joke, but you know you'll be strengthening your family.

Here are some Easter Jokes

How do you make Easter easier?

Replace the "t" with an "I."

How does the Easter Bunny keep his fur in place?

With hare spray

How does the Easter Bunny stay healthy?

Eggs-ercise, specifically hare-obics

Where does Christmas come before Easter?

The dictionary!

What do you name a bunny with fleas?

Bugs Bunny

What do you call a naughty Easter egg?

A practical yolker

What do you have when you pour boiling water into a rabbit hole?

Hot, cross bunnies!

How does every Easter end?

With an "r!"

What kind of stories do Easter eggs tell their children?

Yolk tales.

What do you have when you cross a rabbit with shellfish?

An oyster bunny!

Why did the Easter Bunny have on a hat? 

Because he had a bad hair day.

How do you make a rabbit stew?

Make it wait for three hours!


What do we call the Easter Bunny the Monday after Easter?


How does the Easter Bunny travel?

By hare-plane

Knock, knock!

Who's there?
Some bunny.
Some bunny who?
Some bunny's been hiding my Easter eggs!

What day does an Easter egg hate the most?


Why was the Easter Bunny arrested?

For hare-assment

What is the Easter Bunny's favorite kind of music?


Why shouldn't you tell an Easter egg a joke?

It might crack up!

What happened to the Easter Bunny when he misbehaved at school?  

He was eggspelled!

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