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Top 15 Most popular Nigerian Gospel Music 2022

According to the Holy Bible, people have worshipped, praised, and communicated with God through music throughout the ages. Worship music, typically slow and stately in tempo, brings people closer to their creator. 

The best Nigerian worship songs assist Christians in communicating with their creator, enjoying His presence, and deepening their walk with Christ. When life gets tough, this music lifts the soul and serves as a way to thank Jehovah for his blessings.

Every hour, new songs are released in the music industry. Some turn into hits, while others barely get off the ground. Here is a list of them.

Top 15 Most Popular Nigerian Gospel Music 2022

Worship music is an emotional language, regardless of language or period. Check out the Nigerian worship songs below if you want a more profound connection through worship music.

This list is the top 15 Nigerian gospel music you can check out in no particular order.

Onye Inyeakam (My Helper) - Mr. M & Revelation

Onye Inyeakam means "My Helper" in English. Jesus is said to be all that one needs in life in this song by Mr. M. and Revelation. 


He is a foundation for every person's life, a sweet perfume, and a protector. Available in all download mediums and streaming platforms.

Worship Your Maker - Dunsin Oyekan 

Worship Your Maker, directed by Dunsin Oyekan, premiered on January 24, 2021. Every human being should praise the Lord, according to this lovely song. They can dance instead if they don't have a song for Him. 


It asserts that the Lord deserves praise and worship because he is the father of all spirits and the creator of all things.

We Raise a Sound - Nosa feat 121


Nosa Omoregie's song, "We Raise a Sound," and Selah's "121" praise the seated Lord. It is a straightforward song that exalts and honors Him, who is in charge of all the nations.

Always and Forever - Miracle Victor


Always and Forever by Miracle Victor is a song of thanksgiving and devotion to the Lord. It declares that God is trustworthy because He never lies or changes. The love of Jehovah endures, in contrast to wealth and notoriety, which pass away.

Ascend - Dunsin Oyekan

According to Dunsin Oyekan's statement in Ascend, his worship brings him face-to-face with his creator.


 It forges a strong bond with the Lord and serves as a doorway to the heavenly realms. Until his love transforms him, he worships the person seated on the throne.

Zoe - Pastor Emmanuel Iren and Odunayo Adebayo 


On July 30, 2021, Zoe was released by Pastor Emmanuel Iren and Odunayo Adebayo. The song discusses finding eternal salvation in Christ. The two claim that God, who bestowed people with His priceless gift of the Holy Ghost, is the owner of their lives.

Amazing God - Mercy Chinwo

One of the most popular gospel songs from Nigeria today is Amazing God. On September 5, 2021, famous singer Mercy Chinwo released the song.


It conveys her utmost devotion and adoration for the Highest God. She adds that no matter what the circumstance, the Lord always provides. Moreover, he works astounding miracles for His followers.

Eze - Dare David feat Osby Berry

The king is the translation of the Igbo word Eze. Dare David and Osby Berry assert in Eze that only God deserves praise. All other names are to be exalted below His name. 


On January 27, 2021, the two artists released the song. A year later, it is still among the best worship songs by Nigerian artists. 

Faithful God - Onos

Faithful God was released in May 2021 by Onos Ariyo. Onos is an influential songwriter and singer who prays. She is well known for the critically acclaimed song Alagbara.


She declares in this relatively new song that the Lord is indeed faithful. She says that her life has changed dramatically since meeting the Lord and His mercy and favor speak for her. Furthermore, the song claims that God has never lost a battle. 

Nothing is Too Hard for You - Judikay and The Gratitude 

The list of worship songs from Nigeria would be complete with a Judikay composition. On September 1, 2021, she and The Gratitude released this song. Nothing is impossible for God, according to the music. 


Nothing is Too Hard for You. The singers claim that God has never left them alone. Instead, He lavishes them with grace and mercy, despite their best efforts to flee from Him.

The Anthem - Dunsin Oyekan and Pastor Jerry Eze (What GOD Cannot Do Does Not Exist). 

Become a member to view new videos. Worship leader Dunsin Oyekan and pastor Jerry Eze discuss the strange and extraordinary acts of God in this song. According to the two singers, the Lord rewards those who fervently seek Him. 


Those who seek His face understand that with Him, nothing is impossible. They express faith that God can make things right in any circumstance. There is no problem that He cannot resolve.

Olorun Agbaye (You Are Mighty) - Nathaniel Bassey feat. Oba and Chandler Moore


Without a song by Nathaniel Bassey, a playlist of praise and worship songs from Nigeria is incomplete. The music piece Olorun Agbaye (You Are Mighty) discusses God's greatness and how nothing is impossible for Him. 

Because He is strong and mighty, the Almighty God can change things, move mountains, and end all bonds. This song demonstrated a strong belief in God's ability to change people and challenging circumstances.

Knowing You - Minister GUC

From Port-Harcourt in Rivers State, Ugochi Christopher, also known as Minister GUC, is a talented singer and songwriter. He sings in "Knowing You" about wanting to know God better than he knows himself. He requests that God show him His ways and the truth.


 To get to know God better, he begs God for assistance in letting go of his ego. He desires to heed God's call and draw nearer to him with each passing day.

Too Faithful - Moses Bliss

One of the best contemporary praise songs from Nigeria is Too Faithful. Moses Bliss, a prolific songwriter, singer, and musician with many talents, released it.


Other popular songs by him include One Yes and Hail Your Name. According to this lovely song, God is the same today, yesterday, and in the future. He never makes mistakes, and He never alters. He has proved himself time and time again during the singer's lifetime, which is why He deserves our worship.

Chinedum - Mercy Chinwo 

There are many excellent Christian songs from Nigeria today. One of them is Chinedum by Mercy Chinwo. Even though mercy first released this song almost two years ago, its positive effects are still felt today.


To date, many people around the world have listened to it, and many churches use it during praise and worship services. The song is a commitment by a devout Christian to follow God's leading wherever it may be.

It asserts that God is the only faithful sovereign and never abandons his people. It also quotes Psalms 127:1, which says that without the Lord building a house, builders labour in vain. In Christianity, worship is an act of adoration typically directed at the Holy Trinity.

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