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A sports bike or sports motorcycle is designed for speed, braking, acceleration and cornering on roads and asphalt concrete race tracks. Its special design for performance in a way that comfort, fuel economy, and storage are supreme to other motorcycles make sports bikes unique.

Sports bikes are normally equipped with fairings and windshields to divert wind from the rider so as to improve aerodynamics.

Sports bikes are versatile and can be put to any use the rider deems fit. There were few or no specialised motorcycles in the past. But this narrative has changed since the invention of the sports bike.

Sports bike types have proliferated. And the truth is sports bikes quite fascinate most of us. For sports bike lovers, here is a countdown of the top 10 best sports bikes…

1. Yamaha YZF-R1M


The R1 series bikes have been in the business since 1998. Without many surprises, the latest version doesn't disappoint.

Yamaha YZF-R1M has all the modern electronic packages such as slide control, launch control, selectable power modes, a quick shifter, and an anti-wheelie system.

It has a top speed of 284 kmph.

2. BMW S1000R


Since 2010, BMW has been the king of the 1000cc Sports Bike. The BMW S1000R happens to be a further testament to this fact.

It is cited as more comfortable to ride compared to other bikes.

BMW has a top speed of 300kmph.

3. Kawasaki Ninja H2


The Kawasaki Ninja is a supercharged version of the series of Ninja Sports Bike. This is mainly a track bike.

In the stagnant market, this bike caused a furore as a game changer. Kawasaki has a top speed of 310 kmph.

4. Aprilia RSV4

Aprilia has been the staple bike of teams such as Asper Racing, Speed Master and Paul Bird Motorsport team.

It has made a splash in both superbike racing and MotoGP racing. It has a top speed of 300kmph.

5. Suzuki GSX-RR

This bike was introduced as the popular Suzuki GSV-R successor and has been in the racing arena for a period of two years.

For Maverick Vinales and Aleix Espargaro representing Team Suzuki Ecstar this is the go-to bike. It has a top speed of 330kmph.

6. Yamaha YZR-M1

This is an inline-four motorcycle that is specifically developed by Yamaha Motor Company to take part in racing in the current MotoGP series.

It has two of the best MotoGp racers, Jorge Lorenzo and Valentino Rossi riding it and is a proven winner. No wonder it has two of the best racers in the world using it.

It is capable of producing a 340 mph top speed and 240hp power due to its 1000cc engine.

7. PBM

This bike's name and the team that designed this bike just for them to race in the competitions. They have Broc Parkes and Michael Laverty in their ranks who ride the PBM currently.

8. Avintia GP14

Avintia GP14 is an open-class team that configures this bike to compete. Mide Di Meglio and Hector Barbera, two racers from the Avintia team, use this bike for racing.

Avintia boasts a maximum output of 250hp as well as a top speed of 327 kmph.

9. Ducati Desmosedici

This is a four-stroke V4 engine racing motorcycle manufactured by Ducati for MotoGP racing. The nomenclature of the series is GP with an appendage of the two-digit year, like Desmosedici GP10 for 2010.

This wonderful sports bike has been around the racing scene for some time now. For the Ducati team, this has always been the go-to bike for tournaments.

Through the years, it has faced many changes to stay equal to the standard of modern racing. The current version is indeed no slouch when it's about specs; this motorcycle has a top speed of 330 kmph.

10. Honda RC213V


This is a Japanese motorcycle by Honda Racing Corporation. It is designed for road racing and to compete in the MotoGP series starting from the 2012 season onwards.

It has a limit of 4 cylinders, and a maximum of 81mm cylinder bore. It has a top speed of 350 kmph and is blinding fast.

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