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Top 10 Best football boots in 2022

There is no "best" type of football boot, per se. The best kind of footwear is dependent on the player's particular needs. Regarding these needs, there's still no "best" to go for. Several brands however have ranked over the past half-century as leading lights of the business. They are Nike, Adidas, Umbro, and more.

Top 10 Best football boots in 2022

Now let's consider choosing a boot based on the surface you want to play. Firstly, what kind of surfaces are there? There's the firm ground, soft ground, artificial grass, and indoor courts. There's also the fifth type -multi-ground. 

Now for each surface, different boots are required.  Firm-ground football boots are made of studs shaped like blades that help dig into natural grassy terrain for excellent grip.

Firm-ground options sell so well because they're good for all seasons.  On tougher grass that's frozen in the winter, you'll need a firm grip. Multi-ground boots are designed to serve as firm and soft ground options. 

These boots ensure that you won't trip up whether you're playing on robust or rubbish turf. Although versatile, their shorter studs have less grip than you'd find elsewhere.

In the case of Artificial ground boots, they are crafted with short hollow studs to help transition the natural impact of the body without causing lasting damage to joints. Mainly used on Synthetic surfaces. 

These surfaces offer greater resistance than real grass does. This is why you'll need boots that can suit 3G, 4G, or even 5G pitches. The next is Indoor boots also known as futsal boots.

They are specifically designed to deliver fluid experiences on hard flooring, leaving black marks behind as a thing of the past. Their rubber soles are specifically designed to do just that, while an additional bounce to the bottom helps enhance natural reactiveness. 

Soft-ground boots are for softer grass or muddy ground. These kinds of boots are the ones with few and spaced-out studs typically made from metal.

Now for strikers/forward players, go for a lighter pair of boots to be able to accelerate and change direction quickly. For midfielders, go for a pair of boots that gives better control and comfort. For defenders, go for a pair of boots that offers slightly more protection and allows for a clean pass on the ball.

Here are some best Football boots in 2022


These football boots are available in blue and yellow. It’s ranked first for two years. It is the sharpest shooting boot on the market today, worn by stars like golden boy supreme Haaland, Lewandowski, Vinicius, Chiesa, and more.


One of Nike's finest products built for speed and finishing above all continues to perform effortlessly. It can be used on Soft Ground/Firm Ground/Artificial Ground and even TF/IC for 5-a-side. Its benefits are attributed to its features like a stripped-down Flyknit upper that is lightweight hence giving maximum acceleration and speed.

Its soleplate tech offers power off the mark with chevron studs for instant directional change. NikeGrip insoles prevent any slippage when you’re dropping shoulders and tangling defenders’ legs.

ADIDAS PREDATOR EDGE('+' and ‘1' versions)

This football boot is available in blue and orange and sometimes white, it is the latest in a long line of top drawer Pred designs, and it looks incredible. It's powerful, it's mean and this blue laceless Edge+ looks particularly amazing. 

It has its claws out for all to see. The upper is designed carefully to create four distinct ribbed sections which will boost your dribbling and control skills whilst optimizing swerve and power.


Its "1" version is also best for firm grounds. It's a fresh upgrade from the earlier Freak model. These boots have laceless slip-on silo with PRIMEKNIT sock-like support for your foot, hence enough space for your foot. 

Then with its aggressive Zone Skin fins, there are incredible levels of curl and control on the ball. You can get them from Adidas for £180.00


These football boots are available in white and pink. The unsung heroes - The gritty midfielders, the dominating center-halves need to wear this unbelievable silo from Nike, the Tiempo Legend 9. The likes of Piqué, Van Dijk, Henderson, De Vrij. 

They’re all in them. Its previous model legend 8 model was a big hit and those who wore it feared the worst from an update. 


This is one next-gen silo that has massively improved It’s so much lighter, more agile, and more beautiful than ever before. Available in every surface type. Its features like the  Plush kangaroo leather upper are like the interior of a Rolls-Royce to aid speed. 

A Refined upper and redesigned soleplate to allow for a lighter construction and less bulk. An all-around boot, perfectly useful for every position on the pitch. 


Mainly in black, the upgraded Adidas X Speedflow is, as its name, a boot built for unadulterated speed. This is why Liverpool's star player Mo Salah graces Premier League for fun every week wearing a pair. The arguable G.O.A.T Lionel Messi enjoys lacing these up too. 

The X Speedflow .1 laced version is less tight than the ‘+’ laceless version for players with a wide foot. This popular silo also avails the choice of surface types.


Just like other boots, it has amazing features. They include A lighter than light Primeknit skin and Agilitycage upper for explosive acceleration. You've noticed Mo and Messi over 10 yards, right? 

A Low-cut collar and 3D cushioned heel for comfort and aid throughout every second of the game. adidas Speedframe and Carbitex carbon-fibre insert for more responsiveness when jinking those full-backs into submission.


An unapologetically purple with flames, the non-KM Superfly designs are incredible too. Kylian Mbape furnishes his feet with these boots. He's good, isn't he? 

The ‘Elite’ model presents some unbelievable features and a feel which won’t be matched, but Nike has offered plenty of cheaper versions of this design. They’ve even made kids’ sizes. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to grab an SG version though. 


Features like the lightweight Flyknit upper give a feeling that you might be able to match Kylian’s pace. You can't be like him though but you will get quicker wearing these. 

Nike’s Aerotrack forefoot soleplate allows you to accelerate in multiple directions as Mbappé. A secure and comfortable fit from the Dynamic Fit ankle collar protects the ankle.


This boot looks beautiful in any available colorway, and you can grab them in Firm Ground / Soft Ground/ Artificial Ground /TF/IC surface types too. These modern football boots are a work of art in red too. 

A list of players wearing them that includes starlets João Félix and Jude Bellingham. Made from synthetic materials, you may lack comfort, but you’ll get durability and change in your pocket.


Its sumptuous mix of k-leather and Adidas Primeknit upper on the ‘Elite’ model adds up to a special level of comfort. Sensepods and Touchpods across the boot add to feel and connection with the ball and foot. 

These boots are available in lace options, soleplates, and prices that you’re guaranteed to find your lance of choice.


Another boot that has been of great importance to us since its release is the Puma Future Z. Their latest instalment has exceptional levels of lockdown and support that can be attested by world football superstars Neymar, Ederson, and Jorginho. 

The Future Z is a model with many colorways (often Puma-level vibrant). A nice choice for SG, SG mix, FG/AG blend, and turf or indoor trainers. 


Their cheaper takedown models (‘2.2’ / ‘3.2’ and ‘4.2’) are still of a worthy enough quality to perform every week. Puma’s patented FUZIONFIT compression band tech has been effused about since its release, and its lockdown level is unmatched. 

The Puma Future Z has tendencies for a  lower price point than other brands. It also has an adaptable lace closure system, giving you the fastest ride you’ll ever experience.


The Nike Phantom GT has been famous since its release back in 2020, and the next generation GT2 is not exempted. Worn by top Premier League players in the form of Harry Kane, Kevin De Bruyne, and Rúben Dias, you should probably get yourself a pair. 

This model comes in a lot of choices to suit your style and needs. Available in FG/SG/AG/TF/IC soleplates, to suit your surface type.


There are cheaper low-tech models, multiple colorways, and even a Dynamic Fit collar boot design option too. A boot, suitable for all across the pitch. Features like the sock-like Flyknit upper construction will help you constantly possess the ball like Phil Foden. 

Its available options are budget-friendly and game-friendly. All-Conditions Control (ACC) tech to help add a grippy level of touch in any circumstances.


This Made In Japan model delivers the greatest comfort than any boot on the market. With a range of colorways and surface types including SG, FG, and even indoor. 

It’s always surprising to us why Mizuno doesn't have more pro athletes on their books. Their boots, including the Morelia Neo III here, are an ode to leather craftsmanship. They have comfort, style, and lightness in abundance.


This boot experience is like slipping your feet into a gelatin mixture, but then being able to play football in them well. The material used for the uppers is high-grade kangaroo leather. it’s durable.  The Dual-Density outsole gives a level of support and stability, unlike some other brands’ elite models.


Adidas had to switch the original ‘dangerous’ blades with their latest FG soleplate for this remake. Available in black/gold or a black/blue UCL edition, these will have you winning free kicks like it’s 2004. Unfortunately, unlike the originals, there are no more inexpensive options, except you'll settle for a fine whack.


With an astonishing design, It’ll cost you but you’re meaning business this season. It has an OG shaping and Pulse detailing, made lighter with upgraded, modern premium leather. New and improved FG soleplate used on all modern Adidas boot silos. Be the Beckham of the '20s.

In summary, if you are uncertain of where you are going to play football, buy a basic pair of boots for grass with molded plastic cleats. These are the most versatile boots and they are good on grass, muddy pitches, and artificial alike. 

Never try to wear studded boots on indoor or hard surfaces. You easily lose your balance and risk wounding your ankle if you try to play in them.

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