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Top 10 Best Basketball Players of all time

The debate over the greatest basketball players ever rages throughout the NBA community. But, after reviewing various reliable information sources, we have determined the following rankings.

However, it's important to note that statistics from ESPN show Michael Jordan is the best basketball player ever. There are also many other outstanding basketball players.

They are listed below: 

Michael Jordan 

Team: Chicago Bulls (1984-1993, 1995-1998) and Washington Wizards (2001-2003).


Michael Jordan is the best of the top 10 basketball players ever. He led the Chicago Bulls team to six NBA Finals series. NBA champion six times, Michael Jordan. He also "carried" six MVP honors from the Finals. In 1988, Michael Jordan also won the Defensive Player of the Year award.

Michael Jordan's GOAT reputation is well established, but his most outstanding achievement may have occurred before winning an NBA championship. Michael Jordan has the highest vertical jump in the NBA.

"Mr. Air" has won five additional MVP titles during the regular season. He deserves his status as an icon on and off the basketball court. Jordan played for Washington for two seasons, scoring 20 points on average.

He was fierce in defense and a master at offense. Michael Jordan gives it his all during practice and games to support himself and his teammates in becoming the best.

 "MJ" completed every task in the game and piled up stats and accolades. Jordan performed flawlessly on the NBA Finals'Finals' grandest stage, going 6-for-6 while winning Finals MVP on both appearances.

The legendary Chicago Bulls player dominated on both ends of the court, earning selection to 11 All-NBA teams, nine All-Defensive First teams, and ten scoring championships.

 He won the NBA's scoring championship in the 1988 campaign and MVP Defensive Player of the Year. His crazy 1988 season went as follows: 5.5 rebounds, 5.9 assists, 3.2 steals, 1.6 blocks, and 35 points on 53% shooting.

The goal of every NBA player is to emulate Michael Jordan. But nobody has yet surpassed MJ'sMJ's level.


LeBron James

Career playoff stats: 28.1 PPG, 8.6 RPG, 6.7 APG

Accolades: 2 NBA titles, 2 Finals MVPs, four regs. season MVPs 


Lebron James owns two rings from NBA Championships and the MVP honor from the NBA Finals. he played twice, in 2012 and 2013, for the Miami Heat team. He is one of the greatest NBA players in basketball history, and it is impossible to dispute his ability to score goals.

Lebron James astounded the crowd immediately and encouraged everyone to pursue their aspirations. Lebron James contributed to multiple championship victories for the Heat and the Cavaliers. LeBron James and Michael Jordon, the greatest basketball player in history, are frequently " compared."

Lebron James is a successful football player involved in charitable causes. In addition, James is now regarded as one of the most illustrious NBA basketball players in history, both on and off the court.

The Miami Heat superstar is pursuing history after successfully removing the championship monkey from his back two times. He'sHe's already one of the all-time greats in the NBA after only ten seasons. 

The data and MVP counts are self-explanatory. "King James" has become a fantastic two-way player, earning spots on 5 All-Defensive and 9 All-NBA teams.


Magic Johnson

Career playoff stats: 19.5 PPG, 7.7 RPG, 12.3 APG

Accolades: 5 NBA titles, 3 Finals MVPs, three regs. season MVPs


Magic Johnson is one of the best point guards in NBA history. The Los Angeles Lakers dominated the NBA in the 1980s thanks mainly to the point guard, a vital member of the legendary "Showtime" group.

Magic Johnson had a stellar start to his career and never looked back. When Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was injured in Game 6 of the 1980 NBA Finals, he memorably started as a center in his place, earning him the title of Finals MVP as a rookie. Magic and the Showtime Los Angeles Lakers made nine trips to the Finals throughout his remarkable career, making it feel like a second home.

The phrase "talent does not wait for age" is best shown by Magic Johnson. In his debut NBA season, he gained stardom right away. The NBA player has won three MVP honors during a season and three Finals MVP trophies, making him a five-time champion.

In 906 games over 13 seasons, the Hall of Famer averaged 19.5 points, 11.2 assists, and 7.2 rebounds per contest. The 6'9"6'9" point guard used his bulk for ripping apart defenses precisely. Magic has the most playoff assists ever at 12.3. He received 10 All-NBA selections throughout his 14-year career.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 

Career playoff stats: 24.3 PPG, 10.5 RPG, 2.4 BPG

Accolades: 6 NBA titles, 2 Finals MVPs, six regs. Season MVPs, 15 All-NBA selections, 11 All-Defense selections, and 19 All-Star appearances.


Among the all-time leading scorers in NBA history is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. He was always included in the Top 10 Scorers list for the NBA Playoffs. In terms of consistency, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar came before Duncan.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar played 17 games in his 20-year career with Milwaukee and Los Angeles. Over 13 years, he was a two-time NBA Finals MVP and a six-time winner. He also acquired a spot on the 10-time NBA First Team.

Jabbar holds the record with 5,762 points. In 1974, still against the Bucks, he played his best. He had just 16 seconds left when he had 515 points. Moreover, Abdul-Jabbar was the defensive player with the most rebounds and blocks in the postseason.

His excellence is demonstrated by his ability to maintain such averages despite participating for 20 seasons. 


Kobe Bryant


The greatest NBA player in league history is Kobe Bryant (23 August 1978- 26 January 2020). Kobe Bryant participated in 17 postseasons throughout his 19 seasons in the NBA, all spent with the Los Angeles Lakers. In 220 postseason games, he scored 5,640 points. 

Kobe Bryant won the scoring title five times with Los Angeles and two NBA Finals MVP medals in 2009 and 2010.

Bryant led the playoffs in scoring in 2009 with the finest playoff performance (695 points). He scored 25.6 points per game on average over his entire career. Bryant played perhaps his best postseason game on May 4, 2006. In Game 6, he scored 50 points after 52 minutes of action.


Larry Bird

Career playoff stats: 23.8 PPG, 10.3 RPG, 6.5 APG

Accolades: 3 NBA titles, 2 Finals MVPs, three regs. season MVPs


In a recent interview with Rappler Sports, Derrick Rose delivered a very accurate evaluation of Larry Bird. Although Bird was never the most athletic player on the court, he was always in charge. 

With his basketball Acumen, outstanding talents, particularly that lethal jump shot, and strong competitiveness, he more than made up for any athletic deficiencies he may have had.

Bird led the Boston Celtics to three NBA Titles while earning three regular-season MVPs and two Finals MVPs. In his 13-year career, "Larry Legend" was chosen for 10 All-NBA and three All-Defense teams. In 1978, the Boston Celtics "selected" him in the sixth draft round.

Many fans consider him to be the best Celtics of all time. At the 1986 All-Star Game, Bird successfully defended his three-point shooting crown.

The "Dream Team" of the 1992 Olympics included Larry Bird and basketball greats Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson. The United States won the gold medal thanks to Bird and Magic Johnson.

Shaquille O'Neal

Career playoff stats: 24.3 PPG, 11.6 RPG, 2.1 BPG

Accolades: 4 NBA titles, 3 Finals MVPs, one reg. season MVP


Shaquille O'Neal was arguably the most dominant player of his era, if not all time. He brutalized defenders with such force that it was almost unfair. The most excellent basketball is Shaq O'Neal. O'Neal, who stood 2.16 m tall and weighed 147 kg, commanded the space under the basketball while still playing.

In the 1992 NBA Draft, O'Neal was selected first overall by the Orlando Magic. With averages of 23.4 points and 13.9 rebounds per game in his rookie season, O'NealO'Neal quickly became a household name. In 1993, he was named Rookie of the Year. 

After Michael Jordan made an All-Star appearance in 1985, he became the first rookie to do so. Playing for the Los Angeles Lakers alongside the late Kobe Bryant was the highlight of O'Neal's career. The Los Angeles Lakers three consecutive NBA titles in 2000, 2001, and 2002 were primarily made possible by the Hall of Fame center.

Shaq won three Finals MVPs while guiding the Los Angeles Lakers to three straight NBA Championships in the early 2000s. In his career, the MVP of the 2000 regular season was also chosen for 14 All-NBA Teams.

Wilt Chamberlain

Career playoff stats: 22.5 PPG, 24.5 RPG, 4.2 APG

Accolades: 2 NBA titles, 1 Finals MVP, four regs. season MVPs 


Basketball player Wilt Chamberlain (August 21, 1936 – October 12, 1999) laid the path for the rise of the NBA players of today. But, throughout college, he didn'tdidn't get many chances to brag.

Wilt Chamberlain, a basketball star, paved the way for the current crop of NBA players. But, unfortunately, he didn't get many chances to boast while in college.


The extent of Chamberlain'sChamberlain's power is well known. As time passes, he appears to become a legendary character. He averaged 50.4 points and 25.7 rebounds in the regular season of 1961–1962. Just unbelievable.

Wilt would be nearer to No. 1 if he performed better in the playoffs. Expecting more from a player who averaged 22 and 25 sounds absurd, but that happens when you're the most dominant.


Tim Duncan

 Career playoff stats: 21.9 PPG, 12.0 RPG, 2.4 BPG

Accolades: 4 NBA titles, 3 Finals MVPs, two regs. season MVPs


One of the highest-paid NBA players in history is Duncan. Is paying too much for Tim Duncan worth it? The solution is worthwhile. He has given the San Antonio Spurs several specific contributions.

Tim Duncan is the model of consistency. Look through his statistics throughout the years; you won't find too much variation.

"The Big Fundamental" led the San Antonio Spurs to four NBA Championships en route to three Finals MVPs. His perfect Finals record was blemished last season in a seven-game series loss to the Miami Heat, but four out of five isn'tisn't too bad. 

Duncan has been selected to 14 All-NBA and All-Defensive Teams each and still looks to have a little left in the tank. Tim Duncan experienced 19 NBA seasons with the San Antonio Spurs.

He brought home 5 NBA championships and All-Defensive team selections. Tim Duncan is one of only five players in NBA history to have more than 25,000 points and 15,000 rebounds, in addition to other accomplishments.

Bill Russell 

Awards: 11 NBA championships, five regular season MVPs

Career: 16.2 PPG, 24.9 RPG, and 4.7 APG


The success of the Boston Celtics in the 1960s was built on Bill Russell (February 12, 1934 – July 31, 2022). He had fantastic blocking ability. The defensive player transformed the NBA's defensive battle. 

Twelve All-Star appearances and five MVP honors belong to Bill Russell. The key statistic is that he has 21,620 rebounds in his career. Throughout the game, there were about 22.5 rebounds.

Russell has one-on-one matches that make the adversary exceedingly challenging. However, it is also essential to the Boston Celtics'Celtics' success.

The opposing teams were concerned that Bill Russell'sRussell's toss would be " blocked." Instead, bill Russell'sRussell's swift counterattack tactic contributed to the team'steam's victory.

While attacking, teams have a disturbing preoccupation with the Boston Celtics'Celtics' number 6 jersey. The 90% chance of scoring will drop to merely 50% because of Russell. During a career in playoffs


The Boston Celtics won a record 11 NBA Championships under the direction of the best defender in the sport's history. Bill Russell is an interesting example because, even though his offensive statistics don't immediately stand out, his influence is enormous. Russell might outright control the game defensively.

Even yet, his averages throughout his career are nothing to sneeze at. He would have won many if blocks and Finals MVPs were counted and given out throughout his career.

The most incredible sports winner of all time is Russell. The NBA game's safest record may be his 11 championship total.

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