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Tips to stay safe during Travel

Every day, we have people traveling either via air, land, water or even by trains. During these travels, there are cases of scams, theft, and drive-by purse-snatchers that rob passengers. There are many more dangerous criminals like kidnappers and sex traffickers and always some story in the news about someone taking advantage of travelers.

Tips to stay safe during Travel

This is why when planning your next trip you should take have some safety tips handy. This is because travelers unused to the environment especially tourists are easy targets for thieves because they are generally carrying money, credit cards, and valuables like cameras. 

You can never be robbed by taking note of the necessary precautions to take. Also, with the help of travel agents and friends, you may know a little about where you're about to travel to. Here are some safety precautions to take during your travel.


Avoid wearing flashy jewelry and Too many Drink

We love looking our best on occasions but remember you're on transit. Save your best wears till you get to your destination to save you from being a target to thieves. Don't be a target to thieves.

As you avoid flashy jewelry, also avoid taking many drinks while traveling. This is among the best safety tips when traveling. Yes, you may love enjoying the good life on your transit, but you need to drink responsibly. 

If you end up being drunk, you're liable to get robbed and scammed, or even worse as you're not aware of your environment anymore. Worse still as a lady, keep an eye on your drinks. You sure got some admirers and they would possibly want to take advantage of your drunk state.

Be smart about your money (Monitor credit cards and reports)

Don't carry about huge cash while traveling. Instead, travel with your ATM cards so you can use any local ATMs near you. If at all you need huge cash, lock up the cash in a secure hotel at your destination. 

When using ATMs, avoid using the ones that are not linked with a known financial institution. Never keep your money in one place, rather have two to three different places you've planned to keep your money while traveling.

Make sure you monitor your banking transaction to report any sudden hamper in your account. You should do this more while on transit. 


Know emergency numbers and try not to travel late

Browse emergency numbers about your destination before you get there. If you're leaving the country, get to know the country's nearest embassy before you leave. Store them either in your notes or diary so you can access them quickly in an emergency.

There are lovers of late-night travel. If you fall in this category, be sure to know the security state of the place you're traveling to. Don't fall prey to molestations and robbery. Your safety should be your priority.

Avoid using public WIFI

We all love free WIFI  but you need to know that public WiFi makes it easy for thieves to hack the information stored on your mobile phone or laptop. 

Bruemmer said, “We never recommend using public WiFi, and of course, you’re given free public WiFi in most hotels,”  “So people say ‘OK, so if I shouldn’t use public WiFi, how can I check my transactions like my bank statement or my credit card statement?’”

Instead of using public Wi-Fi, get a portable router to set up your WiFi hotspot, the report advised. You’ll need a local SIM data card, which you can purchase at an electronic store or an airport kiosk. He advised.


Password-protect phones and have a tracking tool

Strengthen the security of your mobile devices. Your phone contains vital information like your email, and possibly even credit card information. Only a few have passwords to protect their phones. Some that have passwords, don't have a tracking device should in case their phones get stolen. 

Your passwords should be strong, unique, and changed constantly. Don't forget to set up the tracking software on your mobile devices. 

Don’t post location or Plans on social media

Emphasis is still on not posting pictures online when you travel. Of every traveler, Just a few avoid posting pictures online, while fewer know of disabling geotagging on pictures. 

Sharing this information allows thieves to track where you are, making the robbery timely. Wait till you get to your destination before you post photos or pictures. This keeps you off track of being a target for thieves. 

There are many other safety tips, but these are among the most important to know while you travel. Enjoy your ride lovelies while you secure yourself. 

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