Current Date: 22 Feb, 2024

The feds charged 'James Bond' actor Pierce Brosnan with trespassing into a restricted area of Yellowstone mountain range

James Bond has a habit of sneaking into places he shouldn't be…. Every once in a while, he gets caught.


On Tuesday, federal prosecutors in Wyoming brought criminal charges against "James Bond" actor Pierce Brosnan.

The court documents allege that, on November 1, Brosnan illegally went into "mammoth terraces" and "thermal areas" of Yellowstone National Park. Those areas in the park were closed, the court documents say.

The charges were considered a "petty offense," according to the court docket. Brosnan hasn't yet entered a plea. The Los Angeles-based address listed on the court docket appears to be associated with his home address, as The Messenger first reported. A representative for Brosnan didn't immediately respond to Business Insider's request for comment.

The "Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga" and "Mamma Mia!" star has a court hearing scheduled for January 23 in the case.

According to the Livingston Enterprise, Brosnan was filming a thriller in Paradise Valley, just outside Yellowstone National Park, in October. The western movie, also starring Samuel Jackson, is titled "Unholy Trinity."

Brosnan recently hosted a History Channel series titled "History's Greatest Heists," about great feats of sneaking into places, and then sneaking back out. Brosnan's Yellowstone alleged escapade is unlikely to be featured in a future episode.

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