Current Date: 3 Oct, 2023

Surveyors Can Now Earn BSV; Ole Andre Knutli Tells Women Of BSV

Surveyors Can Now Earn BSV; Ole Andre Knutli Tells Women Of BSV

The co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of CoinSurvey, Ole Andre Knutli, was present during the series of discussions with the women of BSV (WoBSV) to educate them and discuss CoinSurvey.

CoinSurvey is an upgraded survey software that uses the power of blockchain that gives its users instant rewards with Bitcoin SV (BSV) for taking the surveys.

Knutli has qualifications in economics and marketing and has always wanted to build something on his own. This led to the formation of Bitruption. This firm was among the first over-the-counter exchanges in Norway that provided BTC, Ethereum and BSV.

When Knutli was asked if Bitcoin is big in Norway, he said “Crypto is quite big in Norway. Many Norwegians have an interest in it compared to many other countries. Having said that, I feel the general perception among Norwegians of Bitcoin is primarily limited to speculation.”

He added that “the use cases of Bitcoin seen in the business world are very few, being that it is mostly chased after for trading and speculative purposes.”


CoinSurvey has undergone the three-month long cohort with Block Dojo, where Knutli shuffled through many tasks, got to build something useful and also learnt to take advantage of blockchain.

He told WoBSV that he learned a lot from the industry experts in Block Dojo and that the training was quite intense. Knutli and the team changed several features of the CoinSurvey app after receiving a good amount of feedback.

“We carried out lots of research and ended up with the survey industry due to a number of reasons. Firstly, there are a lot of branches in this industry, and it is a huge industry that is worth over $80 billion a year. There are many players and segments,” Knutli noted.

He added it is of utmost importance to be able to pivot if needed. The survey industry offers ample of these opportunities. Knutli said the other reason is that there are many existing surveying apps, but they don't have incentives.

According to Knutli, the greatest challenge in this sector is that “getting responses from people is very hard”.

He pointed out, “We want to get it fixed with incentives. Options for incentivizing surveyors are very limiting. There are two ways for doing it : prepaid and postpaid links. Nobody has done it so far. So we make use of the blockchain to reward people and gather the data.”

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