Current Date: 20 Apr, 2024

Soldiers assault a police officer and a LASTMA official in Lagos

On Wednesday morning, soldiers from the Nigerian Army assaulted a police officer and a Lagos State Traffic Management Authority member near Eko Bridge in Lagos.

According to the information gathered, the soldiers were on a one-way street when a police officer and a LASTMA official stopped them and ordered them to turn around and take the right lane.

Soldiers assault a police officer and a LASTMA official in Lagos.

It was discovered that the situation followed tense confrontations because both parties could not agree. Soldiers who refused to turn back pounced on the two officials and began beating them.


Soldiers assault a police officer and a LASTMA official in Lagos. Another group of soldiers in a different vehicle, driving in the right lane, stopped when they saw the scene and joined their soldier colleagues in beating the officials.

The injured officials reportedly receive medical care in the hospital even though the situation has calmed down, and both parties are reported to have expressed regret to one another.

The Police Public Relations Officer of the Lagos State Command, SP Benjamin Hundeyin, confirmed the story to our correspondent, saying that the incident was actual but that everything had been resolved.

"Yes, the incident occurred this morning (Wednesday) along Eko bridge," he said."Everything is fine now, and our man is in the hospital receiving treatment." There is no cause for concern because both parties have apologized to each other. The situation has stabilized.

"The Nigerian Army and the Nigerian Police Force will continue to coexist in harmony in Lagos State," he added.

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