Current Date: 3 Oct, 2023

Seychelles seeks funding for the reconstruction of La Digue School from the Saudi Fund for Development.

Hassan accompanied a Saudi Fund for Development (SFD) delegation to the school, which is spread across a compound with various outbuildings. (Finance Ministry)

The Ministry of Finance announced in a press release that the La Digue School will be rebuilt in the fourth quarter of 2023. Seychelles is requesting funding from the Saudi Fund for Development.

Seychelles seeks funding for the reconstruction of La Digue School from the Saudi Fund for Development.

Finance Minister Naadir Hassan recently escorted a delegation from the Saudi Fund for Development (SFD) during a visit to the school, situated on a compound with several outbuildings, some older than 60 years old.

In his 2023 Budget speech to the National Assembly on November 4, Hassan announced the renovation of the school on the third-most populous island in Seychelles.

A four-member Saudi Fund for Development delegation was in the country to assess the technicality of the reconstruction. Diguois was promised this project for some time, and the reconstruction is long overdue based on the result of this visit.

This is why Hassan insisted that the government get started on it. According to Jitesh Shah, CEO of the Seychelles Infrastructure Agency, the reconstruction of the La Digue School is just one of the many projects submitted to the Saudi Fund for Development."

We revisited the initial project and developed a new architectural design. Finally, we submitted the new project proposal to SFD for funding," Shah explained.

The Saudi team consisted of technicians who needed to visit the site and know how the project would be implemented. The CEO stated that The Saudi Fund for Development must understand the project's logistics.


He added that they would be building new schools on the same site, and there will be a need to construct temporary facilities to allow learning to continue while construction is underway."

The new La Digue School's first construction phase is expected to commence in the fourth quarter of 2023 and last for three years, with a completion date of 2026.

"The construction will be done in two phases considering the relocation and movement of students and staff on the site. The new school will be larger and have more space, especially for technical rooms. There will also be room for future expansion if necessary, "Shah stated.

La Digue School, the only school in Seychelles with primary and secondary levels in one compound, currently has over 500 students. Primary and secondary schools are situated in separate compounds on Mahe and Praslin, the two largest islands.

Most old school is expected to be demolished when work on the new one starts to make room for them. In addition to new classrooms, other facilities, such as a multipurpose court, will also be built.

One difficulty the new construction will consider is that the school is situated on flat land prone to flooding.

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