Current Date: 3 Oct, 2023

Seychelles' President and Prince of Monaco agree on increasing joint efforts in environmental protection

Prince Albert II of Monaco arrived in Seychelles on an official visit at President Ramkalawan's invitation. The subject of discussion between the Seychelles President and Prince Albert II of Monaco is the continued partnership between Seychelles and Monaco in environmental protection.

The two heads of state held talks before a reception in the State House gardens. Ramkalawan said, "it is an honor for us to welcome a champion of protecting the environment."

Seychelles' President and Prince of Monaco agree on increasing joint efforts in environmental protection

The President said, "The exploration your foundation leads will do a lot of good to both the research led by Monaco and us in Seychelles."

According to Prince Albert II, work has begun with the Oceanographic Institute of Monaco to re-establish coral reefs and identify the most resilient species capable of aiding the fight against climate change.

The two leaders also discussed fundamental elements of the expedition to Aldabra, a part of the Monaco Exploration Mission in the Indian Ocean, organized by the Oceanographic Institute of Monaco and the Prince Albert of Monaco Foundation.

President Ramkalawan said many exciting things about what will happen. He said it would include more resilient ways to fight [coral] bleaching and a way to also re-establish all the reefs.

The President added that managing this partnership will do only one thing, both Monaco and Seychelles will participate in protecting our planet.

The elimination of rats and cats in Aldabra was another project discussed. The two have adverse effects on the atoll's natural habitats.

Furthermore, both countries have certain partnerships in the area of education.

The President further said, "We are talking about youth exchanges to get our young people to bond, so the youth of Seychelles and Monaco get to know each other better."

Prince Albert, who left the country after the reception that was held in his honor, said it was a great visit. And during his short stay, he had the opportunity to visit the Aldabra Atoll.

President Ramkalawan extended a further invitation to Prince Albert II to return to Seychelles. He asked those present to give Prince Albert a piece of breadfruit to ensure his return to the country.

In Seychelles, it is believed that visitors that eat breadfruit while visiting the islands will most surely come back.

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