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Seychelles Food: Top Traditional Foods to enjoy

Seychelles is commonly known as a vacation spot. People all over the world travel to experience the warm turquoise waters and beautiful beaches.

When you are in Seychelles, one other thing you'll notice is the exquisite and tasty cuisine.

It comes in different flavours, and don't be alarmed when you are served animals you never thought were edible. They are safe and actually nutritious. Here are the top traditional foods you should taste while you are in Seychelles. This list is not set out in a particular order but is recommended by locals.

Here we go...

Seychelles Food: Top Traditional Foods to enjoy

Hot Fresh Grilled Fish

You don't want to miss this. It's something you can enjoy with friends and family while you look out on the waters, enjoying the view.

Seychelles is home to different species of fish, and they are easily available should you want to prepare them yourself. You can head to the market at Victoria or keep your ear open for the sound of a conch shell being blown. This is a sign that fresh fish has been brought ashore for sale.


This way, you are sure the fish is fresh from the water if that's your preference. Remember to enjoy your fish with chilled beer or wine.

Coconut Curry

According to locals, curry is loved by the average Seychellois. 
This could have something to do with the story of the islands – electricity arrived late – so spices were used as a preservative.

No matter the reason, curry, often based around masala spices, curry leaves, hot chilies, and lots of freshly made coconut cream, is a staple.

If you want to have the full experience, make sure to try some of it.

It was usually served with bat or goat meat, but now you'll probably see chicken and fish instead. Enjoy but look out the Seychellois like their curry hot.



This is often overlooked as a side dish, but it's quite tasty. You'll usually see it served as a side dish with many dishes.

It's a bit yellowish in colour, probably because it's usually cooked for a long time with onion, garlic and ginger.
Make sure to try this out.


Sausage Rougay

This dish is also called "sosis rougay" and is favoured by the locals a lot. It's a sausage-based dish in tomato and onion sauce with some garlic, ginger, and chili.


Anything with Banana

Seychelles, has like 23 different banana species. From tiny little sweet bananas to giant plantains that need to be cooked, there is a banana size for everyone.

And once you've tasted a recently plucked banana, you will wonder how you ever enjoyed the supermarket variety back home.


If you are ever in Seychelles, try out these dishes and let me know what you think.

Thanks for reading.

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