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Sex with instructor Krysta Grimes was allegedly planned on Snapchat - Former St. John's high school student

A student who claims to have had sex with his high school teacher took the witness stand on Friday in St. John's, claiming that he and Krysta Grimes planned a sex date using a well-known messaging app.

Sex with instructor Krysta Grimes was allegedly planned on Snapchat -Former St. John's high school student

The 34-year-old Grimes is accused of sexual exploitation. The pupil cannot be identified because of a publishing ban and the fact that they were under the age of 18. Although his request to testify via video was denied, he stayed calm. Instead, he spoke clearly as he told Justice Vikas Khaladkar his story Friday morning. 

He stated that in March 2018, he was granted access to Grimes' cell phone during class to listen to music or take photos for academic purposes. As a joke, he claimed that he added the substitute teacher on Snapchat, a popular service among teens that deletes photographs and texts instantly.

He added that he anticipated getting into trouble or having his Snapchat request canceled. But instead, the two began texting back and forth, which he described as "innocent" at first.

Grimes allegedly sent him sexual photographs on the app because of that communication. In addition, the complainant stated that he communicated with Grimes via Snapchat. They also discussed meeting up secretly outside of school.

Between April and June 2018, he testified that he picked her up in his car and drove her to a secluded place outside St. John's. The two sat in his back seat before undressing, kissing, and having sexual intercourse, which the male, the sole complainant in this case, claimed was jointly initiated.

The two allegedly kept conversing via Snapchat after the claimed meeting. Still, it wasn't until the following school year that the complainant began to hear rumors about their purported relationship from other students, according to the complainant.

He claimed he told many close friends about what had happened between them. Then, in December 2018, school administrators received an anonymous email alleging that Grimes had sexual contact with students.

Grimes texted the complainant right before Christmas, wondering if his parents had suggested anything and whether he "had her back." He and Grimes then deleted all messages exchanged, he alleged.

He denied having sex with her in a meeting with the principal the next day, claiming he was afraid of getting in trouble. However, in subsequent discussions with school board officials and police, the former student divulged the alleged sexual encounter.

Grimes is a victim of rumor: 

Defense lawyer Rosellen Sullivan pushed back on the complainant, pointing out various contradictions between his 2019 police statements and his evidence on Friday.

She emphasized the former student's inability to recall where or when the claimed rendezvous occurred and a disparity in his testimony concerning the sexual position the two utilized.

Sullivan also said he took images of Grimes without her permission. He told his pals and police she'd willingly given them on Snapchat and boasted to them about adding her on the app, which he described as a goal that other students at the school would discuss.

You wanted everyone in the school to know you hired Ms. Grimes, Sullivan inquired. Yes, said the complainant.

Krysta Grimes declines jury trial, claiming that rumors triggered her arrest as a St. John's teacher. Sullivan continued it was a point of discussion whether you were added or deleted. Was it considered an accomplishment when people said inappropriate things to her?

Correct, he said.

She suggested that you started the rumor because you wanted to be one of the men. The complainant stated multiple times that he may have misremembered some elements because of the length of time between the claimed incident and the trial.

The trial will resume on Monday.

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