Current Date: 20 Apr, 2024

Royal fan 'Wrongfully arrested' at the King's Coronation

At the King's coronation, a royal superfan was imprisoned by police for 13 hours after being stopped by a group of Just Stop Oil demonstrators.

Alice Chambers, a 36-year-old Australian architect living in London waiting to see the King go by on his route to Westminster Abbey to be formally crowned last Saturday, was arrested by police.

She remembered patiently waiting on the ground in The Mall with other royal spectators when she saw a "commotion" before many police officers rushed over. She continued, saying that two police officers approached, seized, and handcuffed her before she could stand up.

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After being misidentified as a protester on coronation day, Alice Chambers was unjustly detained. Ms. Chambers asserted that the officers remained mute despite repeated attempts to explain that she was merely a bystander.

Alice Chambers testified that she had attempted to inform the police on numerous occasions that she was not associated with the demonstrators. She also gave her personal information, yet she was held for 13 hours.

Chambers recalls being upset when she was taken into jail and spending the remainder of coronation day at Wandsworth police station, which was not what she had in mind for the once-in-a-lifetime occasion.

She claimed that officers did not eventually examine her until after 7 o'clock when they quickly realized they had made a severe mistake. Afterward, she was let go.

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The cops then treated her kindly and apologized; Ms. Chambers continued, informing her of a misunderstanding. The police also admitted the misinterpretation.

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