Current Date: 3 Oct, 2023

Remote Product Designer needed at T2, USA

T2 seeks a versatile product designer driven to create a reliable social media platform.

About T2


T2 has its primary Headquarters, No. 2120 University Avenue, Berkeley, California, US. They believe in the fundamentals: providing straightforward tools and fostering genuine human interaction. 

The goal is to create a beautiful, eco-friendly, and welcoming space that brings back the best qualities of the internet for all of them.

Their framework has been based on the principle that human rights should come first and must be maintained above all else. 

Disagreement is expected and encouraged because healthy debate fosters knowledge acquisition and personal development. However, abuse won't ever be accepted.

Let's delve into the open role: 

Job Description

T2 is looking for a versatile product designer enthusiastic about creating a reliable social media platform. You will work with the co-founders as part of a small team to shape the visual and aural aspects of T2. It would help if you could translate needs into helpful product features.


Roles and Responsibiliites

In an environment where leadership skills are required and creative, outside-the-box thinking is required, you will translate your insight into beautiful and functional product features. Also, the CEO will be your superior.

Among the responsibilities are:

  • Work together to develop beautiful experiences and product features with the engineering, marketing, and leadership teams.
  • Identify areas where your company could make its first product development and design investments.
  • Provide product design suggestions and seek guidance as needed.
  • Set design requirements based on research results after conducting research.
  • You will work with the co-founders as a small team member to influence the look and feel of T2.
  • You will apply your insight to create stunning and valuable product features in a setting where leadership abilities are crucial and original, creative thinking is required.



It would help if you were skilled at translating specifications into helpful product features.

  • You should have experience with all stages of the design process, including research, writing, wireframing, prototyping, design, interaction, and usability testing.
  • Working on a product design team for social media or user-generated content products for five or more years
  • Knowledge of how to consider a product from broad concepts (like its impact on society) to specific design elements
  • Experience with information integrity issues, such as the social impact of social media, false information, and online safety, is strongly preferred.
  • Sharp focus on the details
  • Understanding how to recognize user needs
  • Working together with various cross-functional teams
  • Possessing the capacity to conduct, interpret, and present both qualitative and quantitative research
  • Communicate design ideas and road maps clearly


 If you meet up to the requirements and you're sure you're able to deliver the roles involved, proceed with your application process by clicking here. Good luck!

Excellence Chukwuma Chukwunaedu

Excellence Chukwuma Chukwunaedu

I enjoy marketing, technology and business. I help businesses and brands connect with their ideal customer profiles and build products that excite them and solve their problems.