Current Date: 2 Apr, 2023

Over 14k Teachers Have Been Transferred to New Stations Ahead of the School Reopening

Nancy Macharia, the head of the organization, approved teacher requests for regional and interregional transfers, and TSC approved them.  

Before the National Assembly's education committee's deadline for TSC certifications expires, this basically terminated the contentious delocalization agenda and the most transfers by TSC.

Over 14k Teachers Have Been Transferred to New Stations Ahead of the School Reopening 

The new school year will start with at least 14,000 teachers in new establishments. The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has now granted the applicants' requests for regional and interregional transfers that Nancy Macharia, the TSC's executive director, had previously approved. 

The approvals occur before the National Assembly's committee on education's deadline for TSC to reverse the delocalization policy, which saw instructors posted far from their homes, expires.

The delocalization policy has reached its limit

Citizen TV said that the teachers must report to their new locations before the schools reopen on January 23, 2023.

Since 2017, there has been a delocalization policy. Macharia sent out a circular instructing the secretary of the commission and the other regional directors to make it possible for 14,613 teachers to shift to other stations before the schools reopen.

The number of teachers that will be affected10,934 of these transfers will affect teachers in primary schools. At the same time, 189 deputy headteachers and 1,948 headteachers will switch workstations.

On the other side, the transfers will also benefit 226 principals and 1,316 secondary school teachers. This is because TSC were given till the month's end to permit teachers to serve in their areas.

This is in contrast to the policy established by the commission, which required that delocalized teachers do at least three years in the Northern and Eastern regions and at least five years in the other areas before being eligible for a transfer.

How will the transfer process be carried out? The TSC regional directors will carry out the 12,019 teacher transfers as a result of this move at the regional level. In addition, from the national headquarters, there will be 2,594 inter-regional transfers.

The officers at the regional and national offices will consider the gender balance, age, and health of the teachers, as well as the teacher's impairment, when placing them in their new schools when shifting the teachers.

These transfers mark the start of the TSC's yearly teacher transfers program since it was suspended due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

The delocalization policy's results

TSC has also completed the most transfers in recent memory, essentially ending the controversial delocalization policy that had strained relations between teachers, the TSC, and the teachers' unions.

In addition, TSC encouraged Kenyan educators to apply for teaching positions in December 2022 to aid in implementing the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC).

The commission requested applicants for various roles to submit their applications by Friday, December 16, in an advertisement below.

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