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One of the Things Prince William Hates About Being a Royal Is ‘Dressing Up in Robes and Jewels’

A former royal employee says the Prince of Wales won't be the same type of king as his father because he doesn't enjoy all the flash and pageantry. 

For anyone who absolutely cannot stand one part of their job that has to be done from time to time, Prince William knows exactly how you feel. The Prince of Wales has been prepped for the top job he will have one day and everything that comes with that role all of his adult life. 

While he has wealth and a privileged lifestyle as Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle insisted many times before, there are also plenty of drawbacks to being a working royal.

Prince William is not the type to air out his grievances so publicly but there are things about the job that he doesn’t like and that’s why someone who used to work for the family is convinced William will be a very different monarch than his father, his grandmother, and all those before him.


There haven’t been any real surprises with how King Charles is as a monarch

Former butler Paul Burrell worked for the royal family for several years. He started out as Queen Elizabeth II’s personal footman and was moved to then-Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s household in 1987. Following their separation, he remained on the princess’s staff until her death in 1997

Speaking on behalf of Slingo, Burrell said: “There haven’t been any surprises. The king is so reliable that he is continuing his mother’s legacy and not rocking the boat. He is surrounded by family issues but as a head of state, I think he has performed very well and successfully split his private world away from his public role.”

Prince William isn’t a fan of all pageantry and will do things differently

According to Burrell, Prince William is a different type of personality though and isn’t a fan of all the pageantry and how some things are done today. That’s why he believes William will turn things down a notch and move away from some of the old ways when he is crowned.

Burrell explained: “They will be totally different [as monarchs]. By the time William reaches the throne, the monarchy will have changed completely and look very different, the king is anchored in tradition and his mother’s way and protocols. He enjoys all the pomp and pageantry and tradition, but William is very different. He doesn’t enjoy dressing up in robes and jewels and will be less extravagant as king. He loathes extravagance and wants to keep things simple and plain. William is forward-thinking, he is very revolutionary in his ways, and he will be a king of the people.”

The former royal employee added: “Like his mother, he will be hands-on and follow her example championing her causes, finishing the work she started, and reinstating her titles. You can expect the royal family to be very small, it will be his family. The king has tried to do it but it’s almost an impossible task to slim it down so William will be the force for change for this country and his finger will be on the pulse of the public psyche. William wants to make a mark, and Charles is happy to keep the seat warm for his son.”

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