Current Date: 3 Oct, 2023


NCDC  (Nigeria Centre for Disease Control), has reported additional 41 fresh cases of Monkeypox  diseases from 12 states of the federation between August 29 and September 4.


Nigeria Records 41 Cases of Monkeypox In 7 days

The NCDC, through its official website on Sunday, said that the 12 states involved were: Lagos (14), Imo (6), Abia (7), Ogun (5), Ondo (2), Borno (1), Akwa Ibom (1), Delta (1), Osun (1), Oyo (1), Rivers (1), and Plateau (1).

NCDC stated that in the country, 815 suspected cases, 318 confirmed cases, and seven Monkeypox deaths were recorded in 2022.

The national public health institute said that seven states the seven deaths were recorded are: Delta (1), Lagos (1), Akwa Ibom (1), Ondo (1), Kogi (1), Imo (1), and Taraba (1), with a 2.2 percent of Case Fatality Ratio (CFR).

According to the national public health institute, four states in the country accounted for 270 out of the 544 cases of Monkeypox in the country from 2017 to date- Lagos (93), Bayelsa (62), Rivers (71), and Delta (44).

NCDC said that this translates to approximately 50 percent (49.6 percent) of the total number of confirmed cases.

The Monkeypox virus is an orthopox virus that causes a disease similar to smallpox.

The virus has been most common in some countries in Africa, but outbreaks have also occurred in other areas.

In 2022, WHO  (The World Health Organisation) declared a global health emergency due to Monkeypox spread to many countries through social interactions and intimate contacts.

Monkeypox can cause severe disease, but the infection most often clears up on its own. Nevertheless, it has spread globally in 2022.

Monkeypox may be more severe in young children, especially those with poor nutritional status.


Nigeria Records 41 Cases of Monkeypox In 7 days

Fatal cases have occurred in previous years, primarily among children in Africa.

Vaccines can prevent Monkeypox. But these vaccines are currently in short supply. They are used to avoid monkeypox disease in people exposed to the virus. (NAN)

Monkeypox is on the rise. How worried should we be?

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