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Nigeria Breaking News Today - Obasanjo: Nigeria's influence in Africa is waning

According to him, almost all of the letters Mr. Obasanjo wrote have withstood the test of time. According to former president Olusegun Obasanjo, Nigeria's influence is waning worldwide, particularly in Africa.

On Thursday, Mr. Obasanjo made this statement in Abuja while publishing a book about him by PREMIUM TIMES Editor-in-Chief Musikilu Mojeed.

Nigeria Breaking News Today - Obasanjo: Nigeria's influence in Africa is waning

The book The Letterman: Inside the "secret" Letters of Former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo examines the function of letter writing in politics, administration, and leadership.

The publication's 492 pages are devoted to the former president's love of writing letters to resolve problems. Between 1999 and 2007, Mr. Obasanjo served as president and military head of state.


The former Nigerian president, who unexpectedly attended the event, recalled using letters in several international diplomatic interventions, including his intervention in then-apartheid South Africa.

According to him, Nigeria gave up its position as the continent's dominant nation. He used the example of Qatar's involvement in the succession of President Idris Deby's government in Chad, Nigeria's neighbor.

Additionally, he described how Nigeria handled the Robert Mugabe and Joshua Nkomo conflict during the struggle against the Ian Smith White regime in Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). Writing letters is a form of art. 

You need to be very selective with the words you use. It depends on the input you want to give. Your letter needs to be pertinent and purposeful.

"Nearly all of the letters endure over time, whether it be Ian Smith in Rhodesia or the note on South African apartheid. Or between Robert Mugabe and Joshua Nkomo. These letters have endured over the years.

Then, after reading some of Musikilu's letters included in the book, I thought to myself, "Some of you have asked what gives me courage. Then, after reading some of Musikilu's letters included in the book, I thought to myself, "Some of you have asked what gives me courage. 

When I consider this book, I would have given it the title "Audacity of an Optimist" if you had asked me to suggest a tag instead of "Letterman."

"Again, the thing about a letter is that it transcends you. My interest is in the community, society, the group I belong to, the military, and the war front.

How should the war be fought so that we reduce casualties, so that we can deal with it and end it, isn't personal to me, he said. Mr. Obasanjo also discussed the situation in Nigeria in the 1970s and 1980s, when the US government would consult Nigeria before acting regarding Africa.

"How did we get so disoriented? Only this morning did I hear something shocking. Idris Deby was shot in the back, and since Chad is in our backyard and Doha (Qatar) decided to combine the various factors, we did nothing, "said he.

No plans to watch the launch

Because the author did not receive permission to write the book, Obasanjo stated that he did not plan to attend the launch. After reading the book, he claimed to have changed his mind. He admitted that to participate in the launch. However, he had to reschedule his plans in Ethiopia.

I wasn't planning on being here for a variety of reasons. I didn't know Musikilu was writing a book until I was given two copies and read the book. As you may have heard from Musikilu, he did not ask for my permission. 

I was utterly astounded by his effort in writing the book, and I was unsure what to do or not do. He didn't mention writing a book to me, but he did a great job, he said.

Earlier, Mr. Obasanjo was praised for his ability to keep records by the Catholic Diocese of Sokoto's Bishop, Mathew Kukah, who read the book. According to the cleric, the former president's letters demonstrated his courage and dedication to upholding moral principles.

"Obasanjo is sure to have a place in Nigerian and world history. However, he continued, we can all agree that they are no longer produced in this manner.

Mr. Kukah praised the author for creating the book, saying it would give Nigerians a glimpse into the former president's thoughts.

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