Current Date: 2 Oct, 2023

Nigeria Breaking News Today: Police detain two people possessing 468 PVCs

Police detained two people in possession of 468 Permanent Voter Cards. This information was made public by Festus Okoye, National Commissioner for INEC and the Information and Voter Education Committee Chairman, in a statement issued on Sunday.

Police detain two people possessing 468 PVCs

According to the statement, the offenders, a withheld name together with Nasiru Idris, was apprehended in Sokoto and Kano States, respectively, with 101 and 367 PVCs.

Their conduct, according to Okoye, goes against the Electoral Act of 2022 - Sections 117 and 145. Therefore, according to the statement, the offenders were also sentenced as required.

According to reports, the Nigeria Police have recently detained several people who were discovered to own voter registration cards that were not legally theirs in some states.


"In one instance, the Police finished their investigation and gave the Commission the case file. As a result, Nasiru Idris was successfully charged in a Sokoto magistrate court for having 101 PVCs, which was against Sections 117 and 145 of the Electoral Act 2022. 

As a result, he received a one-year prison term. The Police also detained a man in Kano State after they found 367 PVCs in his possession. After charging the suspect in court, the Commission is pursuing his prosecution. 

The Commission wants to reaffirm that it will continue to pursue and ensure that all Electoral Act violators are diligently prosecuted. The commissioner provided a status report on the PVC collection and stated that the Commission is committed to making the PVC collection process as seamless as possible.

It will occur after the statutory window for displaying the voter list for claims and objections have passed. "A standard operating procedure has been developed.

This and other issues will be covered at a retreat that all resident electoral commissioners will attend in Lagos from November 28 through December 2, 2022."

The dates and procedures for the immediate nationwide collection of PVCs will be made public by the Commission following the retreat.

The Commission appreciates Nigerians' tolerance and understanding, particularly those who registered to vote or asked for transfers or new identification cards between January and July 2022.

While making the cards available for collection, the Commission ensures everything runs smoothly.

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