Current Date: 3 Oct, 2023

Nigeria Breaking News Today: According to the UK, Nigeria would lose 25% of its arable land

According to the United Kingdom, roughly 25% of Nigeria's farmlands won't be suitable for farming due to climate change. 

Furthermore, it was noted that a lack of infrastructure, security issues, and the business environment would hamper the country's capacity to realize its agricultural potential fully.

Nigeria Breaking News Today: According to the UK, Nigeria would lose 25% of its arable land

Catriona Laing, the High Commissioner of the United Kingdom to Nigeria, shared this information during her presentation at the Feed Nigeria Summit in Abuja, titled "Riding the Global Ag-Downturn via Viable International Partnerships."

She stated in the document, which the Feed Nigeria Summit Secretariat provided to our correspondent in Abuja on Friday, that agriculture remained the backbone of the Nigerian economy and the primary means of subsistence for most Nigerians, employing an estimated 35% of the country's population.


"However, the country's capacity to truly maximize its potential in this sector is impacted by climate change and infrastructure shortages throughout Nigeria, as well as worries about security and the business enabling environment.

According to her, between 10% and 25% of the land that is being cultivated would become unusable due to climate change. 

According to the UN and other organizations, she emphasized that food insecurity had been most acute in Africa and that the present crisis would be even more severe than previous crises.

According to Laing, "Sub-Saharan Africa's agricultural production is often low, and you have a situation where most African countries import their food, relying on intra- and, more recently, inter-continental trade to support their rising populations."

"We are likely to see long-term challenges with food security, long-term issues with food supply, long-term high food costs, and long-term concerns with inputs, particularly fertilizers and water," the UK commissioner continued.

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