Current Date: 3 Oct, 2023

New fish recipes: FishBites app launched by Seychelles Fisheries Authority

New fish recipes: FishBites app launched by Seychelles Fisheries Authority

The Seychelles Fishing Authority (SFA) is trying to increase the use of less-commercially popular fish on the Island. They are trying to do this by introducing a mobile app that provides recipes on how those fish can be cooked.

The mobile app is called FishBites and it was introduced to coincide with World Fisheries Day. It is celebrated on November 21st each year.

One of the mandates of the SFA is to ensure that fishes are harvested in a sustainable manner. This is why the app was introduced says Darrel Antat, the chairman of the Fisheries Week Committee.

There have been big moves to increase the number of fish harvested and consumed. the committee really wants to make the public diversify their choices and not focus on the popular fishes.

The Mahe Plateau assists a demersal artisanal fishery that provides food and economic activity for Seychelles. The main species earmarked by the handline fishery are emperors, snappers, and groupers, whereas the trap fishery looks for parrot fish, rabbitfish, and emperors. 

The Mahe Plateau Trap and Line Co-Management Plan want to take a co-management approach to fisheries management. They proposed a group of measures to regulate fisheries for licensed fishers, sport fishers and recreational.

In his speech at the launching of Fisheries Week, the interim chief executive of SFA, Phillip Michaud, said that the app would help everyone to learn how to use and consume the many fishes that live in the waters of Seychelles. 

The app also allows users to find fish markets on the main islands of Seychelles, as well as read about the research on fisheries and sea life around Seychelles and its rich environment.

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