Current Date: 28 May, 2024

Netizens Name “Marry My Husband” Song Ha Yoon As Alleged Bully In School Violence Accusations

On April 1, 2024, JTBC reported that a popular actress, “Ms. S,” had been accused of school violence.


A tip-off from the alleged victim claimed that they knew her in their second year of high school. Ms. S was in their third year then. They claimed that Ms. S had called them out of nowhere, asking them to go to a playground near a neighborhood apartment. As soon as they arrived, Ms. S allegedly began hitting them. Without letting them know why, Ms. S reportedly slapped them continuously for 90 minutes.

They claimed that Ms. S’ boyfriend was an iljin, the Korean term for a student involved in unsavory acts, including bullying other kids. They also claimed that they spoke with Ms. S’ then-boyfriend over a phone call. 

The then-boyfriend was informed by the victim that they would be sending in a tip-off, to which the boyfriend replied that they didn’t have any means to stop the victim anyway, verifying that he did remember the events from back then.

The victim had previously gone to Ms. S’ company to report the matter. The victim now lives in the United States and came across Ms. S on a variety show by coincidence. They were shocked after watching the show and decided to contact Ms. S’ company. The company claimed that Ms. S was currently overseas on schedule, and they could not verify the tip-off with her. 

Her CEO allegedly offered to bring Ms. S to the US in order to personally meet the victim. Otherwise, they offered to pay for the victim to come to South Korea instead. Despite the victim’s refusal to meet up, Ms. S’ company allegedly kept requesting that the victim do so. According to the victim, Ms. S later told her company that she did not remember a thing about the alleged incident. 

The news report was accompanied with an alleged photo of Ms. S with her face blurred out.

Netizens were quick to uncover this as a photo of actress Song Ha Yoon. Song Ha Yoon recently got popular off the drama Marry My Husband. It was thanks to the success of the drama that Song Ha Yoon’s variety show appearances also increased drastically.

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