Current Date: 2 Oct, 2023

MRM Opposes The Decision Of the Government To Vote In Favor Of Mauritius

The Maldives Reform Movement (MRM) has criticized the decision of the administration to vote in support of Mauritius in the Chagos Archipelago dispute between Mauritius and the United Kingdom.

The Maldives Reform Movement was established in 2019 by Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, the former Maldivian President. In a statement made public by the party, it stated that there are reasons the Maldives is against making the Chagos Archipelago a part of Mauritius.

MRM Opposes The Decision Of the Government To Vote In Favor Of Mauritius

The party highlighted that the Chagos Islands were not part of the country when Mauritius got its independence from the UK.

MRM also stated that incorporating the Chagos Islands into Mauritius will slow the Maldives' Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).
MRM noted that this would lead to a decrease in the natural resources of the Maldives.

MRM stated that this was one reason the Maldives opposed Mauritius gaining control of the Chagos Islands. In addition, the party noted that the decision could lead to losses in the country's fishing industry.
The statement further stated that the Maldives' EEZ extends 200 miles from its coast, according to the country's constitution. However, it was recently discovered that in 1992, a settlement was reached with the UK to divide the territory equally between the two countries.
MRM noted that no previous administration signed an agreement to reduce Maldives' EEZ. MRM questioned the administration's decision to support Mauritius in the case after voting against them in 2019. MRM demanded that the administration explain the reasons for the policy change.

Despite being part of the coalition government, MRM stated that the party was not informed of the policy shift. MRM expressed their displeasure with the administration's decision to change their stance without consulting, pointing out that the country has experts in relevant fields.

They expressed concern that before the administration made the decision, the administration didn't ask the People's Majlis for an opinion.

In conclusion, the MRM's statement called on the administration to disclose detailed information about the case, noting that the party will not support any decision that will hinder the country's sovereignty and integrity.

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