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Honeymoon in Maldives vs Seychelles

These are two gorgeous destinations. It is really difficult to say which of them is more attractive. They are a perfect choice for a tropical Island honeymoon, and they are also both unique in their own way. The differences will assist in making your decision on the one that suits better for your honeymoon vacation.

Maldives or Seychelles? Determine that as we go further.

Location of Maldives and Seychelles

The location of these magnificent countries is the Indian ocean. 

The Maldives– Southern Asia. It is situated southwest of Sri Lanka and India. Seychelles– Indian Ocean. Off East Africa. For people travelling from Africa, India, Europe and Southeast Asia, this destination is good for you as there is only a slight difference in time zone.


The average temperature in both countries for a full year is above 18°C. There is a reasonable amount of rainfall for the full year. The time to go depends on what temperature you and your partner want to experience.


The two countries offer amazing levels of luxury when it comes to resorts, spas and so on. But the Maldives is the more expensive.


The Maldives has 99% open sea and 1% solid land. Seychelles, on the other hand, asides from its wonderful beaches, consists of diversified geography with nature reserves, rain, forest and mountain.


Nightlife in the Maldives almost does not exist. This is because, on the public Island, there are not exactly bars or pubs around. It is as well a Muslim country. Here, only resorts are permitted to serve alcohol. If you know you have value for nightlife, then Seychelles should be your option in this case.

Island and beaches

Maldives– Consists of scattered tiny Islands across the ocean, with each Island having just one resort. You will enjoy your exclusivity, which is part of the reasons honeymooners mostly have the Maldives as their favourite. The Islands vary in size. 

Seychelles– Seychelles Island has more to explore. Its beaches are different, and some are more dramatic, having large granite boulders as well as palm forest, while others are like a desert and sprawling.


Maldives– Luxurious spas all around the world, most of them located in the Maldives. Treatments are either done on a private island or over water.

Seychelles– Consists of various stunning spas. Across these scattered Islands lies spas that give Asian and traditional Seychellois-influenced treatments.

What to expect

The Maldives– Expect a whole lot of fish in your diet as it is an Island. Their cuisine is very much influenced by Sri Lanka and Arabia, with some Asian touches. Come in smart and casual clothes.

Ensure to pack lots of US Dollars and credit cards because the Islands are expensive. Almost everything is imported, and this increases the price of items. Tourism is taxed.

It is a Muslim country, so one needs to obey cultural restrictions. Display of affection, pork, drinking alcohol, irresponsible dressing and smoking are all prohibited.

You can only do the above-mentioned if you are staying on a "liveaboard" offshore or a private resort. Though May is the cheapest month to visit, it is also the beginning of the wet season and lasts until August.

Seychelles– Lots of fish is also expected in their diet because, just like the Maldives, it is an Island as well. Almost everything is as well imported, so you might notice that the items are also expensive. Both the American dollar and Euro are accepted for purchase.

Seychelles has more activities for an active person. Being a Roman Catholic country, you don't have restrictions on what to wear, public display of affection, smoking and drinking alcohol.


If you want to involve in various activities, Seychelles is for you because it has more to do and see. But if you desire to drown in luxury and a dreamy atmosphere, then considers the Maldives. 

So, have you been able to make up your mind as to which country to go to for your honeymoon? We hope this Maldives Vs Seychelles article will help determine your decision on which of the Paradise to go with.

Please ensure to pack a few extra clothes just in case you happen to have a change of mind and extend the period of your vacation.

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